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Barz Surf and other Water Sports Goggles

Barz surf goggles

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Extreme Protection:

Barz Rx-able cross-sport goggles protect your eyes by completely insulating them from the "elements" of sun, water and spray, wind, dust and sand and  pebbles, all while looking good and maintaining excellent peripheral vision.  They are used by motorcycle and PWC riders, mountain bikers, surfers and surf kayakers, sailors, kite boarders, windsurfers, snow skiers and snowboarders, sky divers, race boat drivers, high altitude climbers and dry eye syndrome sufferers.  Barz Cross-Sport Goggles are also used in industrial safety, rescue and military services.

Safety Frames:
Barz Cross-Sport Goggle molded nylon frames are virtually unbreakable and were designed so that the lenses cannot be dislodged inwardly from a frontal impact.  Lenses for Barz Goggles must be installed and removed from the front.  By including polycarbonate lenses with Barz Cross Sport safety frames, you get the strongest and safest Rx-able sport goggles possible.

This is the big benefit!  If you need serious vision correction, you appreciate being able to see clearly. Many people have lost some visual acuity with age and appropriate correction can add measurably to performance, pleasure and safety.

Gaskets are now softer, stiffer, deeper.  Option are available if needed for a proper fit.

Custom Fit:
While Barz Cross-Sport Goggles come fully assembled and ready to wear, they can be easily disassembled and rebuilt to provide a more customized fit. Included options and variables include: 
1.  Nose bridge with (3 choices)
2.  Curvature of nose bridge (flexible bridges self-adjust to the curvature of your face)
3.  Gaskets (2 sets included, 1 pair each of vented and sealed) are asymmetrical and provide rotate to fit capability.  Note: Soft, firm and deep gaskets are also available to aid fitting.
4.  Strap tension.  Custom fitting requires a bit of patience but no tools.

Extreme Security:
Barz Cross-Sport Goggles are retained by elastic straps that are more durable and hold your cross-sport eye wear securely than temple bars. Additionally, elastic straps fit comfortably inside or outside of the sport helmets. Watersports participants should install the new heavy duty "surf leash" unless the goggles are being secured to or under your headgear.  Store your Barz in its durable and convenient zippered neoprene case when not in use.

For in-water sports, we recommend carrying a very small container of an anti-fog solution (baby shampoo or mild dish soap or see accessories page for anti-fog solutions) for periodic reapplication as needed.  Out of the water, it is best to use the vented gaskets and let the wind (real or apparent) keep the fog away. Biking, PWC riding, skiing, etc. are usually not a problem.  (e.g. 5 seconds or so on a chairlift creates enough "wind" to clear the goggles, if needed, after a hard run.)

 Prescription Information Rxable RX8

Handmade frames are cut from solid blocks of cellulose acetate and the slight difference in lens shape makes the handmade frames more compatible for fitting with prescription lenses. Price includes single vision, Polycarbonate lens with tint and UV protection.  Prices for prescriptions of less than -7.00D and +2.00 (prescriptions over -4.00 may experience a high amount of distortion). Note: PD measurements are required to properly fill prescriptions. Other lens colors and options can be added on the prescription information page.

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