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Digital lenses can be up to 6 times more accurate than regular lenses, and give better peripheral and night vision.

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November 2019

  1. The Pros and Cons of Wearing Polarized Lenses in Sport

    A Sight For Sport Eyes, passionately, provides polarized protective sports eyewear for sports lovers – amateur and professional – taking their game to the next level. Polarized lenses are very popular among sports lovers, and considered a ‘must-have’ for many fisherman and runners when they are selecting their sports sunglasses and goggles. They protect eyes from prolonged stress, counter glare...
  2. The Impact of Blue Light On Our Eyes and The Sports Glasses That Protect Them

    ‘Blue light’ has recently stirred significant debate among the public and medical experts alike. Although blue light is nothing new, recent discussion highlights the potentially damaging effects on our eyes and its consequences on our daily life, including sporting activity.  This article will clearly explain what blue light is, how it could be affecting your health and how you can...

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