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The sun is the largest source of blue light exposure.Blue light is what makes the sky look blue.

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March 2021

  1. Field Hockey Rules Changes

    Prescription Eyewear for Field Hockey Good news for those playing field hockey  As of 2019, the rules have opened up to allow prescription eyeglass wears to wear any ASTM F803 rated eyewear. Rule 1.6.5 states:  All field players shall wear eye protection that meets the ASTM standard for field hockey at the time of manufacture. Note: Effective January 1 2019, all eye protection...
  2. 3 Benefits of Blue Light Readers

    Adults and kids alike are spending more time on screens than ever before. And that time is beginning to take a toll on our eyes. The longer you spend staring at screens, the greater your risk of eye strain, or even long-term impairment. So, how do you know if you’re experiencing eye strain from your digital device? You may experience...

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