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When kids spend a majority of their time looking at screens, the brain signals the eye to grow to see at this distance. Thus, when they look far away, they are shortsighted.

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November 2021

  1. Black Friday Specials Are Here!

    Check out our Promotions page for other great coupons! SAVE 30% ALL MONTH LONG ON READERS TO BLOCK HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT    Computers, laptops, phones, and TVs emit Blue Light rays that can damage or strain your eyes. Protect yourself with specially designed glasses to reduce harmful rays. (*Polinelli and Blu-ban brands only)   3 Benefits of Blue Light Readers Polinelli Blue...
  2. Can Dry Eyes Permanently Affect Vision?

    It will come as no surprise that dry eyes or dry eye syndrome is extremely common in Americans. Some reports suggest that nearly half of the population have experienced some sort of dry eye symptom, with 33 percent of eye care clinic patients complaining about the syndrome. Of course, those who regularly suffer from dry eyes would be forgiven for...

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