Surfing is a way of life for a growing number of people. Many children are raised with surfing “in their veins.” As with any sport, surfing can have long-term risks. Among these is potential eye damage. Surfers often struggle to find the right level of eye protection without interfering with their ability to surf. Below are a few tips for protecting your eyes while surfing.

Wear Sunglasses

A day on the waves will expose you and your eyes to a huge amount of UV light. Sunburned skin is bad enough; keep your eyes safe with the right water sport eyewear. Pick shades that filter UV. Sunglasses can also prevent eye strain by reducing the brightness you perceive. If you think a pair of sunglasses would get lost at sea, try using them while ashore. Some protection is better than no protection at all.

Protective Goggles

Goggles offer an increased level of protection compared to sunglasses. Goggles protect against wind and water in a way that sunglasses can’t. Over the course of several hours, even a little breeze can cause dryness and irritation. Salt water is highly irritant to eyes, and it contains bacteria which can lead to infections. When purchasing goggles, make sure they fit comfortably around the nose and eyes.

Surfing Aftercare

Once your ocean adventure is over, immediately wash your face thoroughly with water and your preferred cleanser. Carefully ensure your eye area is clean as well. You may use a special cleanser for your eyes if you wish. When your face is clean and dry, use an optometrist-recommended eye drop. Many people don’t realize how much they need eye drops until they begin using them. Give eye drops a try, and you might be surprised at how helpful they really are.

Surfing is an enjoyable sport, and many people even consider it a way of life. As with any sport, there are inherent risks involved in surfing, including damage to the eyes. To prevent long-term eye issues, consider the points above, so that you may continue your hobby as safely as possible. Discover more affordable eyewear options for all of your favorite activities at A Sight for SportEyes.