Buying new ski goggles isn't complicated, but there are some basic considerations to keep in mind. If you haven't already, read our blog on "Tips for Buying Ski Goggles or Snowboard Goggles" to understand what to look for.

There are so many good snow goggles on the market today, but we’ve narrowed down a handful of our favorites for men.

All of the ski goggles below are shatter-resistant polycarbonate material, provide 100% UV Protection,  and can accommodate prescription inserts.

Bolle Nevada

Best Ski or Snowboard Goggles for Men Bolle Nevada

The Bolle Nevada is one of my favorite goggles for men. I love the sleek look of it and the many lens options. The Phantom lens is photochromic, meaning that it changes from light to dark depending on the conditions. If you ski in very sunny locations, try the Polarized option with the Phantom lens to minimize the glare off the snow. With a wide variety of goggle and lens color, there is something for everyone here.

Avail in size Large and Small.

Julbo Aerospace

Best Snowboard or Ski Goggles - Julbo Aerospace

Julbo has worked with professional athletes to develop a unique solution to fogging. Rather than using fans or gels or sprays to dissipate fog condensation, simply pull the lens out and away from the frame to create a natural airflow. Use when standing in lines or resting on the slope. This high-end goggle only offers light-changing (photochromic) lenses so you never need to carry extra lenses or face the tough choice of "which goggle should I use today?"

Fits size Large.

Bolle Supreme OTG

Best snowboard or ski goggles - Bolle  Supreme OTG (Over the Glasses)

If you wear everyday glasses and still want to wear snow goggles, the Bolle Supreme OTG is the perfect choice for you. This goggle has cutouts in the side foam to accommodate most daily wear glasses. Special venting helps minimize fogging.

Fits size Medium/Large.

Rudy Project Klonyx

Best snowboard and ski goggles - Rudy Project Kloynx

The Klonyx by Rudy Project is ergonomically shaped and offers a wide field of vision. Lenses are interchangable, so you can swap out depending on the light conditions, or purchase the photochromic (light-changing) lens to simplify. While most photochromic goggles change from lightly tinted to a much darker tint, this is one of the few photochromic goggles that starts at nearly clear so can be used for very overcast conditions or night-skiing. An optional nose piece can be snapped on to protect your nose from stinging snow and ice.

Fits size Medium/Large.

Bolle Sierra

Great ski or snowboard goggles - Bolle Sierra

The Sierra by Bolle is a great, basic all-around goggle. The gold, vermilion, or aurora color lenses all provide protection from sun and UV and give contrast to the snow. There is no photochromic lens option with this goggle.

Fits size Small to Medium.

These ski and snowboard goggles can all be found at - along with a great selection of goggles for women, children, and teens. If you see a lower price elsewhere on an authorized site, let us know and we'll be happy to price match. Ships from tax-free Oregon.