Copy of online chat with a customer:

shannen: Hi, May I help you?
Visitor: Yes, I have a question about prescription Rudy Project Horus glasses.
shannen: ok
Visitor: I'm interested in them, PD = 62, prescription is -4/-3.75.  I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost for a photochomic pair of lenses (and if those exist in my prescription) + another color prescription lenses.
Visitor: A little confused by the web page and pricing here:
shannen: Ok do you just need lenses or do you need the frames themselves with 2 pair of prescription lenses?
Visitor: Sorry, good point.  Frames + prescription photochromic lenses (if those exist in my prescription) + normal prescription lenses.
shannen: Ok, so the frames you would pick your color. For instance, Silver/MultiLaser Blue for $175.
Visitor: With you so far.
shannen: Then you would scroll down to find the Direct In Free Form Prescription section and select ImpactX Photo Clear lenses
shannen: $270.
Visitor: Ok.
Visitor: Still with you.
shannen: The second pair of lenses gets tricky. The way the Horus works is it has a gasket that surrounds the prescription lens and that part pops in and out. So you would need to buy another gasket. The way to do this is buy a replacement lens part for $65 so for instance, under add replacement lenses, you'd select Silver/Laser Blue for $65.
shannen: You would then pick the other color prescription lens you would want under the Add direct in prescription lenses section.
Visitor: Yes, this is where I get confused.  So you buy a non-prescription lens and a prescription lens to get the prescription lens?
shannen: Yes, they will toss out the non-prescription lens that is in the frame part and replace it with the prescription lenses.
Visitor: Does it matter what color non-prescription lens you order?  I'm guessing the answer is no to that one.  Aha - since they toss that lens, I was right.
shannen: No, only the frame part so that you make sure it matches the frame you are getting. The lens in there is of no matter.
Visitor: So it'd be $210 for another set of prescription lenses.  $145 for the prescription bit + $65 for the non prescription bit.
shannen: Yes.
Visitor: And to confirm, if you're only getting one set of prescription lenses, you don't need to also get non-prescription lenses.  The frame comes with one "gasket," right?
shannen: Correct.
Visitor: So frame + photochromic lenses = $445.  Add another pair of prescription lenses and you add $210 more for a total of $655.  If that's correct you've removed my confusion.
Visitor: (So is that correct?)
shannen: That is correct.
Visitor: Excellent.  Thank you.
shannen: Is it ok to use your comments on our site to help customers in the future?
Visitor: Yes indeed.  Go right ahead.
shannen: Thank you.

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