The answer is sort of.  Technically, Rec-Specs is no longer selling the Helmet Specs 3 in the US. We at A Sight for Sport Eyes got special permission to still sell these in the US.  As of today, we are still waiting for the shipment for the 50 and 53 eyesizes but expect to have them within 2 weeks. The 56 size is available. We have ordered 100 of these to last us through the football season but they are going fast and once the 100 go, we probably won't get another shipment until spring. So hurry up and get your order in now for these. This is the only style that Rec-Specs sells now that works with a football helmet.  If you call Rec-Specs, they may tell you that the Maxx 21 is the style they are pushing instead to work with a helmet. But in our experience, it doesn't.  For our local customers, we always have them bring there helmets in with them when purchasing football goggles to make sure we can test comfort with the helmet. The Maxx 21 has thick sides and we haven't been successful in store using this style with a helmet. It puts too much pressure on the side of the head and kids usually say it hurts.  Thus, they end up getting the Helmet Specs 3 because of the more comfortable fit.  The Helmet Specs 3 also comes with the skull cap that prevents the strap from sliding down the head when you take the helmet on and off. The Maxx 21 doesn't have this.  We sell the Maxx 21 so we aren't trying to dissuade you from purchasing this model. This is a great model for other sports such as soccer, baseball, etc.  They just don't work for a football helmet.  If you have any questions, as always, please call us at 888-223-2669 or email us at!

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