Prevention is the key!  Wear protective sports eyewear and prevent becoming a statistic.  Having the best eyesight and protection provides the ultimate performance on the field or court.  You don't want to be on the sidelines or in an emergency room.  Besides, the styles are cool now so you no longer look like a geek when protecting your eyes.  To encourage you to get protected, we are offering:

25% off prescription lenses

for select styles of Rec-Specs sports goggles (Maxx, Morpheus and Slam Series only).  Must order by phone or online chat and mention code SEPTPROMO. ( 888-223-2669) .  Limited to standard polycarbonate lenses (not free form or trivex).  Transitions and tinted lenses are available.  Available only for prescriptions +3 to -4.00 with up to 2.00 cylinder.  Cannot combine with other discounts/promotion codes.  Ask customer service via phone for other restrictions/details. Valid for the month of September only.

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