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If you have a high prescription you might already know that glasses and goggle options are limited. To help navigate on the web site, we have created a section dedicated to high prescription options only. Click here to check out the High Prescription Options.  In this section of the web site we have many brand and goggle options. This month Hilco is the featured brands and with many of there options in this new section of the web page there is an extra 10% off when ordered in the month of February. Though these glasses and goggle options are recommended for people who have high prescription there are many options with interchangeable lenses that are suited for everyone.

How do i know if i have a high prescription?

If your prescription has above 4.00 Sphere or over 1.00 cylinder

What is Base Curve?

The Base curve is the Radius of the sphere measured from the back of the lens. Models that include 6 base tend to be more flat relative to your face from. But with new technology Hilco has produced a 6 base frame with full coverage like an 8 base wrap.

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*Discount is only limited to goggles on the High prescription page*

Includes: Atomik, Bling, Circuit, Element, Elite, Low Rider,  Reflective, Sprint Jr, T Zone, Jam'n, Metrix and Front Runner.


The Leader Bling

Vented 6 base adapter allows for full coverage like an 8 base wrap, without the distortion associated with high wrap frames in prescription.  Vents help prevent fogging.  Comes with gray polycarbonate lenses.  Polarized 8 base wrap lenses available as an add on.

The Reflective

Easy to interchange lenses for mulitple uses.  Good alternative to optical insert type sports sunglasses. Ideal for fishing, water sports, snow/ski, cycling, motorcyling, and other outdoor activities. Reflective windows on temples provide added safety during nighttime activities.  Includes reflective eyeglass cord.  Ideal companion for Transitions Photochromic lenses.

The Atomik

Vented Adapter prevents fogging. Includes 6 base adapter with plano (non-prescription) impact resistant polycarbonate sun lenses.   Over-molded temples for added comfort.   Also available to purchase as an add on, 8 base Polarized Polycarbonate Plano lenses for maximum coverage.



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