We often get asked why buy from A Sight for Sport Eyes rather than our local optical shop? Below is a transcript of a chat we had with a customer recently. Your local optical shop is a great place to get your regular glasses. That is what they specialize in. However, we at A Sight for Sport Eyes specialize only in sports eyewear. We don't carry regular eyeglasses because we know that is not what we specialize in. With local customers, we direct them to a doctors office down the street for that. This is why your local doctor's office shouldn't try to sell you sports eyewear unless they specialize in it and know enough to properly direct their patients to the right eyewear. Here's the chat:

shannen: Hi, How can I help you today?
Visitor: My son just got the Rec-Specs Torque goggles. They keep steaming up. He was wearing them at basketball practice. How good is the fog clear?
shannen: That is not a good style for basketball because of the foam. The foam is designed for high wind sports like motorcycle riding to help keep the wind out. For something like basketball, you need the airflow to keep them defogged. The fog cleaner may work but fogging is an individual issue so it depends on the person
Visitor: Of course the eye place we went recommended these. I did see on your site that they are recommended for mototcycle riding. What would be your recommendation for a 10 year old for basketball and soccer?
shannen: That is really bad to hear. The Torque doesn't meet any of the safety standards for basketball so you also run the risk of getting injured wearing those. I think that is very poor practice to recommend something that isn't safe to wear. The best sports safety rated style for airflow is not the most attractive style. It is called the Hilco Zoom. The next best would be the Rec-Specs Helmet Specs 3 or the Velocity.
Visitor: Can I order something like this on your site if I have the perscription? About how much would that run and can we get them that they tint in the sun?
shannen: Yes. If you want a transitions lens (changes color) they would start at about $248 depending on the style you select.
shannen: I can give you links to the ones I recommended if you need that.
Visitor: Thank you. I will have to see if there is a moneycack guarantee and see what we can do. Thank you for your help.

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  • Shannen

    Here's another example:
    shannen: Hi, How can I help you today?
    Visitor: I have two sets of Rex Specs goggles for two of my kids. I am looking for better options on the straps
    Visitor: They are the ones without the arms
    shannen: Typically Rec-Specs only has one strap that fits each style. What styles do you have?
    Visitor: The strap does not stay on their heads when you put helmets on so i am thinking i could use something with 2 straps or a wider strap that is made for these
    shannen: Sounds like you don't have a style that is helmet compatible then.
    Visitor: From WalMart. One is silver, older kid has the blue ones
    Visitor: Is there such a thing?
    shannen: Well I still need to know what style you have. Should have some markings inside the goggles
    Visitor: Ok, just a second
    Visitor: One says, Max21 and then 51017 125
    shannen: Ok yes there is no other strap that would fit this one and this is not a helmet compatible style.
    Visitor: Blue ones say MX31 and then 53017 130
    shannen: same thing.
    Visitor: What is the difference between a helmet compatible and non helmet compatible?
    shannen: The helmet compatible are designed so that the hard parts of the frame sit outside the helmet and have either a split strap or a strap over the head to help keep the strap from sliding when you put the helmet on.
    shannen: You may be able to use the sister version the maxx 20 and Maxx 30 with the earpieces without any strap where you slide them on after the helmet is already on and they are held on by the pressure of the helmet. That is probably your only option for using the lenses you already have made.
    Visitor: ok thnaks

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