Put A Spring In Your Step With Savings On Swim Goggles

As the weather starts to change different sports are coming into season. It is about time to get geared up for swimming season. Indoor, outdoor, recreational or competitive swimming we have a goggle for you. Many styles Available in prescription and none prescription.

Order NOW and SAVE 10% on any swim goggle with or with out prescription!!!

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Need a Custom Made Goggle?

Barracuda swim goggles offer a great selection with many options that range from style, size, and color. If you are sensitive around the eyes or you are irritable with the suction of most goggles, this may be the goggle for you with the foam pads that go around the eyes give comfort.

If you are in need of custom made goggles the Shark from Rec-Specs is also a popular pick.

Pre made/ Step Diopter goggles

Step Diopter: is a pre-fabricated goggle in spherical prescription lenses analogous to half-eye reading glasses. You pick the goggle that is closest to your prescription instead so that you can see, but won't see perfectly.  Goggles that we offer in this make is the Hlico Edge, Vantage Adult and kids, V-300 and the V-500.

Kids Goggles

Prescription or not it is important to protect the eyes. Above in the picture is the Hilco Vantage kids goggle. One of our most popular sellers. These goggles can be used for indoor and out door swimming and have a high performance antifog treatment on the lenses to prevent fogging.
For children ages 5-12 years of age.

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