Safety Awareness Month!
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Safety glasses/goggles are just as important as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads and are recommend for all sports whether you have a prescription or not. A cyclist would not mount a bike with out his helmet nor would a football player hit the field without his helmet. So why do so many participate in sports with out their safety glasses?

Glasses and goggles that are worn for protective eye wear are tested and marked between two standards, ASTM and ANSI. The ASTM F803 Standard covers all ball/stick/bat sports.If protective eye wear is required for your sport (i.e. women's lacrosse, racquetball) make sure that the sport is independently certified for that sport. Normally, it will be listed on the goggles tag.  But if the sport does not require eye wear such as soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. then it will not be one of the  sports listed on the tag of the eye wear but will be covered under the blanket ASTM standard so it doesn't have to specifically list your sport if eyewear is not required. Here are some injury statistics:

  • 12% of annual cost of medical care is for injuries, and 30 million people go to the emergency room (40,000) of those are for eye injuries
  • Every 13 minutes a person has an eye injury serious enough to require a trip to the ER
  • 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented with sports protective eye wear.
  • Healthy People 2020 is recommending the use of sports protective eye wear to prevent eye injuries

Don't be part of a statistic, order your safety glasses today and receive 10% off. Discount only includes safety glasses that meet ASTM and ANSI safety requirement. Limited time only: Available through the month of April!

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Above is a picture of the Metrix, one of the many safety rated sport glasses. As explained above, if the sport requires sport glasses then the glasses has to be specifically tested. Hilco's safety sport glasses have a ASTM testing for all ball sports and meet the testing for girls lacrosse.
Here are a few styles of hilco that are great for sports:
- T-Zone  (helmet adaptable)
- Jam'n (kids size/ helmet adaptable)
- Zoom
- Metrix


The Sport goggles that have been tested and meet the ASTM standards are great for racket and ball sports but do not meet the individual testing for girls lacrosse. Rec Specs have a great variety of style to choose from. Depending if on an individual preference there are styles that have a full wrap around strap and are more of a goggle or full hard frame to style like glasses.
The MX 20, MX 21, Morph 1, and Morph 3 are all recommended for children under the age 12. For Helmet compatible the Rec Specs carries the Helmet Specs 3.
Click here to check out more styles

What is the ANSI safety rating? 

The ANSI rating is an occupational/safety rating. This standard is not as high as the ball sports standard but covers sports like hunting and shooting. They are also often used for the military or for factory workers, contractors, etc. that just need protection from debris.  They don't require the same thickness of lens as the ASTM standard and the frames are typically not made of as high of an impact material as the ASTM rated frames.  If you are doing low eye injury risk sports like cycling, golf, skiing, etc. you may not need the full ASTM protection and an ANSI standard may be ok for you. For ball/bat sports though, the ASTM standard is still recommended.

ASTM & ANSI tested Brands:
- Hilco
- Rec Specs
- Wiley X 

*note not all styles meet the standards & qualify for discount. To see if your style qualifies check out the information section located at the bottom of each frames page*

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