From tots to teens Julbo has a fit for your child.

The Baby Collection:
Up until the age 3. Perfect protection that has a lot of coverage, are centered and use category 4 lenses for minimal visible light transmission(5%).

The Kids collection:
Between ages of 3 and 10, kids are extremely active and need glasses that can take a lot of knocks while still looking cool and providing great protection.

The teens collection:
10-15 year olds, their activities are specialized and their tastes are almost grown-up. The teens collection respects their personality while adapting to the size and shape of their head. All Julbo lenses are optical class 1 and provided 100% protection against UVA, B, and Crays.

UV Protection

As summer approaches, the one thing that parents always push and the kids always dread, is the sunscreen. Whether a beach trip with the family, a back yard play date with the neighbor, or a best friends pool party, parents always pack on the sunscreen. It is well known the health risk of long exposure to UV (ultra violet) radiation. In recent studies it has been reported that the sun can do just as much damage to the eyes as it can to the skin. By the age of 18 a person eyes has already reach 80 percent of their total lifetime exposure to the suns UV rays. This being, children spend more time outdoors than adults and the lenses in children's eyes are less capable of filtering the high energy rays.

Interesting statistics:

  • Almost 50% of parents report that their children "seldom" or "never" wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection.
  • Although 82% of parents feel it is important for children to wear sunglasses and 91% feel sunscreen should be worn, children are two times more likely to wear sunscreen than they are sunglasses.
  • The lens' in children's eyes does not block as much UV radiation as they do in adults' eyes, putting them at increased risk for sun damage to the eyes.
  • Adults also need to take precaution when they are in the sun. Before you go out without a pair of sunglasses again take note of the facts about UV damage. Certain medications, such as birth control pills, sulfa drugs, diuretics and tranquilizers can increase your risk to eye disease or impairment.
  • Damage can include blurred vision, change in color vision or difficulty seeing at night.
  • UV radiation can cause muscular degeneration, cataracts, cancer among other diseases.
July is just the time to protect the pupils. Prescription or Non prescription, purchase your child a new pair of shades and start them on a path of life long practice of protecting their eyes.

Order children's sun glasses in the month of July and receive 10% off.
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Eyes Cream Shades specializes in providing premium quality sunwear designed specifically for children ages six months and above.
Blending fashion with function, we also incorporate in all of our designs "total eye protection" for kids with polycarbonate lenses that block virtually 100% UVA,UVB, and UVC rays! Lifetime warranty.

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