Sport Eye Injury Prevention awareness month!

Check the facts:
- More than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports and recreation occur each year
-Over 85% of children do not utilize protective eyewear in situations that represend a rick of eye injury
-Every 13 minutes a person with a sports related eye injury visits an emergency room

Sports are the leading cause of eye injurys and with the appropriate protection 90% of all eye injures can be prevented. Don't let your child become a statictic, help protect their eyes. Here at A Sight For Sport Eyes we have protective eye wear for every sport and age group. We are here to protect you. Prescription or not protective eye wear is the way to go. Go to and check out your options today. If you are looking for a specific sport in mind for appropriate eye wear we have made it easy to navigate. Once you are on the home page you can click on "eye wear by sport" and choose what sport you are looking for and our reccomendations will come up.


Don't wait till is it too late, prevent an eye injury today. With a purchase of safty rated frames and RX lenses get 50% off anti fog coating!!  Use Coupon Code SEPTNEWSLETTER
(excludes prescriptions over 6.00 total power--sphere and cylinder combined and Hilco Zoom style goggles).
Anti Fog Coating:
Opticote's Fog Free eliminates the “white wall” effect that occurs when making the
transition from one temperature to another.
Fog Free is a thermally-cured coating found to be superior to other applications. Whether it’s a matter of safety or convenience, with Opticote's Fog Free the quality of vision is never compromised. here is no guarantee your lenses will not fog with this coating but it will work better than a non-coated lens.  Fogging is an individual issue depending on how much body heat is generated and how much airflow there is on the eyewear worn. Periodic rejuvenation of Fog Free coating is recommended for optimal performance.  Note: Cannot be applied to tinted or Anti-reflected coated lenses.

Don't let this be you. Protect your eyes!

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