The Power of Polarization!

Polarization is a great quality to have in your lenses and offers so many benefits. From a car ride, a day in the sun or a boating trip you will want your very own pair of polarized lenses. Here at A Sight For Sport Eyes we offer custom make glasses with the added technology of Polarized lenses to enhance your daily activities. Along with good UV protection it also blocks glare. This can become a safety issue when driving. Glare is the number one complaint and/or reason for car accidents. It has been tested while driving 50mph you will have 23 feet of additional stopping space with polarized lenses.

Polarized Promotions!Order ONE pair of polarized prescription lenses in the month of November and receive 20% of your lenses OR Order TWO prescription glasses polarized or non-polarized and receive 50% off second lens price.

*note: when using this discount it is limited to the month of November and is not valid with other Promotions.  Discount will not be reflected in cart but will be taken manually. Use coupon code NOVNEWSLETTER.  Applies only to lenses made with our lab. Manufacturer direct lenses excluded.

Check out whats new in the world of Transitions:
SOLFXTransitions Solfx are Polarized Photochromic (light changing) lenses that are activated by UV light, the lenses darken to match the changing conditions. They are available in Ash or Caramel colors. Ash is similar to a Gray filter in that it transmits color evenly and promises true color recognition. These are great for fishing, boating, running, rock climbing, and driving. The Caramel color is similar in contrast to a Brown in that it improves contrast and depth perception for the wearer.  Caramel is good for fishing, boating, mountain biking and general purpose use.
SOLFX is only available in plastic lens material which would work for all low eye risk activities like driving, fishing, golf, etc. SOLFX is not yet available in polycarbonate for full contact or ball sports but it is in development for the future. If you would like to know when they are available in polycarbonate, email us and we'll let you know!

Holiday Promotions Coming Soon!

We have a full list of holiday promotions starting about Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for great deals this holiday season.

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