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No need to think about this promotion. Just take advantage of it and finish your Christmas shopping here. From mom and dad to brother and sister at A Sight For Sport Eyes there is a swim goggle for everyone. From prescription to non-prescription we offer a wide selection of color and style. Do you know someone who wears glasses? This year you can give them the gift of sight for all their water activities. What better way to give Christmas spirit than letting someone actually see where they are going in the pool or see the fish when they snorkel.  We often hear from parents how great it is to actually see their kids while playing in the pool. Now you can offer this gift of sight to your loved ones. 

When choosing a prescription goggle the correction can be made with a custom make lens or with a pre-made goggle, this is all going to depend on the prescription. The two are explained below.

*need assistance choosing the correct power for a prescription goggle?  Go to and click on our chat button or give us a call at 888-223-2669*

Promotion code: CHRISTMAS2 for all swim goggles and dive masks, CHRISTMAS2B for Barracuda
*note: this promotion last two weeks from the time it was sent, if this is not the product for you keep your eyes open tomorrow!
expires: 12/13/11



Step Diopter (pre-made)

The pre-made goggles are swim goggles that have powers already build into the lens. It is not the exact prescription but close. They usualy run in whole or half sizes. These are good options if you little or no astigmatism.   With this option you will take a look at your prescritpion and match it to the powers offered. If you are unsure how to read a prescritpion Click Here and our FAQ will explain. If the prescritpion is really stong or may have a strong stigmatism this may not be the opton for you.

Check out:
- View
- Hilco
- Barracuda

Custom Made

With this option we will fit the goggles or mask to your exact prescrition. Just as you see out of your day to day glasses, now you have that option with all your water activities from indoors to out doors and from swimming to snorkling.

Check out:
- Barracuda (call for a quote)
- Rec Spec Shark
- Hilco Dive Mask
- Seavision Dive Mask

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