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Don't feel pressured, just get the Press On

The press on Bifocals are great for on the go everyday use. No need to worry about carrying around two sets of glasses. The press on bifocals are the same idea as a window sticker. Just place on the inside of the lenses of the glasses you are wearing and read. They are removable and reuse able. From sun glasses to your daily distance use of glasses the press on's can become very useful. From golfing to hiking you may think you don't need that extra power to read but don't go unprepared to read the score card or map to find your way. Press on Bifocals come in most reading powers.

The press-on bifocals can fit on any lens surface including swim goggles and dive masks.  You can remove them when you don't need any near vision.  They come pre-cut in bifocal segments.  However, the rest of the 2" diameter sheet that the segments are cut out of also have the same power built in it.  Thus, you can use this "extra" to cut any shape of bifocal segment that fits your needs. You can also use it as a spare for another pair of glasses or if you happen to lose your other set.  The segments, though, do stick relatively well and are not that easy to lose.  They are ultra-thin lenses (only 1mm thick) so you'll hardly know they are there.  Press-on lenses won't harm the "carrier" lens, because hydrostatic pressure makes them cling.  Never use any glue or harmful chemicals.  Just plain water, that's all.  Upkeep is minimal.  Warm soapy water keeps them clean.  Made by 3M.

Buy 2 get your

3rd 1/2 off!!

*Note: This promotion last two weeks so get your order in!!
Promotion code: CHRISTMAS7
Available Powers:

-  +1
-  +1.50
-  +2
-  +2.50
-  +3

3M Press-On Bifocals are supplied in pairs. In addition to being functional lenses, these D-Segment press-on optics provide an excellent tool for bifocal simulation
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