Take advantage of this great off. 50% off anti fog coating for the full month of January! Keep your eye pealed for our monthly news letters with great deals and savings. Also check out our web page atwww.sporteyes.biz for new deals on our promotion page.
Start the New Year off with fog free vision!!!

As much as fogging is a popular problem with those who wear glasses/ goggles it is an individual issue and varies from person to person. Some people do not experience the problem of fogging while others just can not seem to find a solution. At A Sight For Sport Eyes we are here to help! With any prescription order, get an anti-fog coating at half off in the month of January. Not only is this a great deal but also gives you the chance to try our product out for half the cost. For long lasting fog free vision we choose Optifog. This is a permanent coating built into your lenses. Along with your anti-fog coating purchase you will receive a bottle of Optifog Activator that is easy to use.

1- Simply apply a drop of Optifog Activator
2- Gently wipe the Optifog lens, making sure to coat the entire surface
3- The Hydrophilic properties of the top layer durably retain the Optifog Activator

Anti- Fog Coating 50% off in the month of January!

Promotion code: JANNEWSLETTER
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2 thoughts on “January Newsletter--1/2 Off Optifog Coating”

  • Jenny Sum

    has anyone used this product before? welcome any comments... how does it differ from other anti-fog products?

  • sporteyes

    We've probably sold at least 50 pairs of these since this product was released in November and have only had one person that said it wasn't working for him. But he got a goggle that has very little airflow. Best thing is to get a goggle with good airflow and this coating and you shouldn't have fogging issues.

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