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Enter to win Free pair of Transitions lenses with Crizal premium anti-reflective coating prescription lenses. Through the month of July A Sight For Sport Eyes will be accepting entries of why you should win the free lenses.  Email your story into us at We want to know why you deserve to win the free prescription lenses. At the end of July we will pick two winners for the Transitions lenses with Crizal AR coating custom made lenses. The winner will need to provide a frame by either by purchasing a new one or sending in a frame you already have.  Even if you don't have the winning story, we'll still send you a coupon for these lenses just for entering!

About the Lens:

Transition lenses are offered in three different levels. We have the Transitions VI, Transition Xtra active, and the Transitions Vantage.

Transitions VI is clear indoors and at night, has moderate tint in low light, and very dark in bright light. The Transitions VI is available in gray or brown tint (while the Xtra active and Vantage are only available in gray).

Transitions Xtra active has a comfortable slight tint indoors and are the fastest and darkest every day lens.

Released this year the new Transitions Vantage offers polarization, virtually clear indoors and darken and become polarized outdoors for crisper and sharper vision.

(prices normally range from $193-315 for these lenses)

Crizal Anti Reflective coating:

Glare reduction: with reflection reduced by up to 30% compared to standard anti-reflective lenses, 99% of light rays successfully pass through the lens, resulting in near-perfect transparency. ($100 normal cost)

Summer is here and just a reminder we have a swim goggle for everyone. From custom make prescription to a pre-made to a non-prescription.

Click here to check out your options.

Need a scuba mask for your up and coming Vacation ?

We offer in prescription as well, give us a call or reach us on our chat accessed through and get a recommendation based on your prescription.

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