We have two new options for dry eye suffers who have prescriptions above a 4.00 and 2.00 cylinder.

Hilco Cruiser:


This has no prescription limitations specified by the manufacturer and we have recently done this successfully in a -11.00.  We've discovered that this tends to fit smaller faces better, but could also be used for larger heads as well. Foam seal is replaceable and has a one year warranty on the frames.  Lenses are also interchangeable for various lighting conditions.

Wiley-X Gravity and Echo:


This is an "adapter" to the regular Gravity and Echo frames.  As you can see from the picture, there is a "rim" part that holds and makes the lens flatter. This allows you to get the same wrap coverage of the traditional styling but with a flatter lens so that it doesn't cause distortion in the higher prescriptions. These can take prescriptions from +5.00 to -7.00.  The frames are also ANSI safety rated for military, tactical and occupational use.  The "rim" prevents the need for "inserts" that snap in behind the lens which can be bulky and creates fogging issues.  The two styles can fit a wide range of head sizes from small to large.  The lenses are Authentic Wiley-X lenses from an authorized lab so you can be assured quality and impact resistance (note: having lenses made from an unauthorized lab will void the one year warranty on the frame)

These options also work well for motorcycle riding and biking or other high wind activities not just dry eye patients. With more and more options becoming available in the sports eyewear market, A Sight for Sport Eyes continues to bring you top of the line products with the best in technological advancements.

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