Vision Training Products

Vision Training Products

 Physical prowess, agility, coordination and strength have always been the main criteria in  judging athletic ability. And all athletic training programs have been designed with those criteria in mind, even though our body will only respond to what it can see.  Despite this fact, little attention has been paid to vision, which is not the last frontier for those interested in improving their performance on and off the playing field.

This last frontier, the optometric discipline known as sports vision, starts with regular eye exams and with making coaches and athletes aware of how important vision is to athletic performance.  But regular eye-exams and the use of corrective lenses are just a beginning.  By undertaking a simple visual training program, an athlete can improve his performance.  That's because the eye, like the muscles in our bodies, can be strengthened to perform better with exercise. 

Some of the skills that can be enhanced with training are:

  • Tracking--the ability to follow a moving object smoothly and accurately with both eyes, such as a ball in flight or moving vehicles in traffic

  • Fixation--the ability to quickly and accurately locate and inspect, with both eyes, a series of stationary objects, one after another, such as moving from word to word while reading

  • Focus Change--the ability to quickly look from far to near and vise versa without momentary blur, such as looking from the dashboard to other cars on the street, or from a book to the chalkboard.

  • Depth Perception--the ability to judge relative distances of objects and to see and move accurately in the three dimensional space, such as when hitting a ball or parking a car.

  • Peripheral Vision--the ability to monitor and interpret what is happening in your side vision while attending to a specific central vision task; the ability to use visual information perceived from over a large area.

  • Binocularity--the ability to use both eyes together, smoothly, equally, simultaneously and accurately.

From HRA Sports Vision comes a line of products specifically designed to improve your athletic performance.  Products can be used for only a few minutes a day. Your sports performance first begins with how you see.  Training your eyes for your sport specific tasks can give you an edge up on the competition.  We also offer clinics, seminars, and individual training in combination with these products.  Click here for more information.

Ratner Bat Ratner Bat
Why does the lumberjack have a palm up and palm down?  Because the grip on the ax is oval insuring proper technique.  Observe the grip on the Ratner Bat.  A grip designed to promote proper grip and swing techniques.  A quality ash bat constructed to help players at all levels.

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Ratner Bat for Baseball Price: 64.00  Order Now! 
Ratner Bat for Softball Price: $64.00  Order Now!
Ratner Bat for Juniors Price: $64.00  Order Now!




Odd Bouncer
Three rubber O rings attached to a tennis ball producing erratic bounces. Or Zig Zag ball for Baseball--odd shaped ball that will bounce erratically. (click here for drills/use)

Tennis Ball Odd Bouncer


Ordering Information:

Tennis Ball Odd Bouncer Price: $10.00   Order Now!
Zig Zag Ball Price: $10.00  Order Now!




Vision Stick Vision Stick
A high impact plastic training tool designed to develop speed of recognition, swim mechanics, and quick hands. (click here for instructions for use)


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New syle Vision Stick Price: $36.00  Order Now!



Juggle Stick Jugglestick
Dynamic, new, fun visual training method to improve hand-eye coordination.  Colorful, lightweight plastic.  Includes balance rods and one dynamic rod.  For one or more participants. (click here for instructions for use)


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Jugglestick Price: $25.00  Order Now!




The Bat Rac
An innovative, sturdy, wooden hitting device which improves hand-eye coordination, proper grip and swing technique.  The Bat-Rac has been designed to help all aspects of hitting including Eye-hand coordination, proper grip, and creating correct stroke. Plastic bat also available to hit hard balls.  Can be used for tennis or baseball. (click here to download instructions for use)




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Bat Rac Wood Price: $32.00   Order Now!
Bat Rac Plastic Price: $70.00  Order Now!




Ball in Bottle Ball in Bottle
Attach soda bottle and screw into handle. Cut hole in bottle and hitter tries to catch ball in bottle using bunt position instead of a full swing.  Objective is to see how many balls can be collected in bottle. Used to increase hand/eye coordination. (click here for instructions for use)


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Ball in Bottle Price: $10.00  Order Now!




Vision  Ring
A device for all skill levels designed to improve tracking, depth perception, and fine focus.  Colorful, lightweight, plastic balls evenly spaced on a ring. Mini-Ring also available that can be used with kids as young as 3. Mini ring has one ball on ring. Mini ring is good for tracking and throwing "curve" balls. (click here for instructions for use)

Vision Ring




Ordering Information:

Vision Ring Mini (1 ball) Price: $9.00   Order Now!
Vision Ring Large (4 balls) Price: $17.00  Order Now!




Triangle Putting System Triangle Putting System
Improve your putting with the Triangle putting system. Also includes bead-string for depth perception training. (click here for instructions for use)


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Triangle Putting System Price: $10.00   Order Now!




Bead & String
Improves tracking abilities.  (click here for instructions for use)

Bead & String


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Bead & String Price: $10.00   Order Now!