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The sun is the largest source of blue light exposure.Blue light is what makes the sky look blue.

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Cycling and Biking Sunglasses

Cycling and Biking Sunglasses

Sunglasses for cycling and biking.  For help on selecting cycling sunglasses, see our How to Select Cycling Sunglasses page.

Cycling glasses can be made with or without prescription.  Different lenses allow for trail riding or road riding. All are aerodynamic designs with airflow venting to prevent fogging.

Looking for prescription cycling glasses?  Narrow down options by just options available with prescription lenses.

Symbols key:  RX8=full wrap around sunglasses with limited prescription availability.  RX6=Less wrapped lenses to allow for high prescriptions to be made.  RXADT=prescription adapter available.  RXDAD:  Prescription direct adapter. This is similar to RX8 or RX6 where the prescription replaces the lenses of the glasses but has a nylon cord or other type of way the lens holds into the frame instead of the lens being attached into the frame. This allows for higher prescription accomodation.  

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