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Best protection against blue light!

Photochromic lenses or brown / amber based lenses are the best protection against blue light damage, while still allowing good blue light in.

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  • Debbie | 30, Nov

    I leave very few reviews for products, but I received my 7eye and WX sunglasses (with progressive lenses) and I am so happy with the products. I have a damaged right eye that has gone through 3 cornea transplants and this is the first pair of sunglasses I have bought that truly keeps the wind out and is prescription. This is a game changer for me and my ability to still do my outdoor activities like boating and bike riding. Great customer service and product!

  • Bart | 02, Jan

    Six months ago, I bought Rudy Project glasses with clear photochromic prescription lenses. The process was easy - I provided my prescription without the PD that optometrists annoyingly refuse to provide. Very quickly, I received a trial pair of glasses for marking my PD and returned the measurements. Then, faster than expected I got my prescription glasses which were more perfect than any I've ever had from anywhere else. I had never realized how badly others (the usual suspects) were messing up the fabrication of my lenses, and I would never have believed that an online merchant would do so much better. Plus, A Sight for Sport Eyes gets high marks for volunteering a sizable discount that I didn't know I could take at the time of checkout. Going forward, I will always trust A Sight for Sport Eyes with my prescription eye protection needs.

  • Erin | 02, Jan

    My son swims year round and loves the prescription swim goggles we get through Sport Eyes. They are very affordable compared to other sites and brands I have looked at. He says they do not leak and they don't fog. The swim shop at our pool only sells prescription goggles for nearsightedness and my son is farsighted. Every time we have had a problem with an order, the customer service has been great to deal with. Very friendly and helpful.

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