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Customer Testimonials

Amby Stowe

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at your company for the amazing sports goggles that I ordered for my son. And I would like to personally thank Amanda for handling my 8,746 phone calls about that status of my order. My son requires a hefty prescription for his right eye and I could not find anyone around that would attempt to add his prescription to a pair of sports goggles. His eye doctor let me know that it could be done, however, even with eye insurance, it was going to be costly and the frames we had to choose from looked flimsy and we were told they may not hold a thick lense well. After researching online, I decided to call and talk with a representative from your company and explained to them our situation, even gave the specifics of the prescription. Amanda was able to suggest a number of brands that would accommodate the higher prescription and navigated the website with me and allowed me to ask questions about particular goggles. With all of that, a few days later I decided to trust your company and order. Believe me, I have never ordered glasses, let alone sports goggles online, and I have been extremely nervous about the order (hence the 8,756 phone calls). However, my son's gla sses arrived yesterday in enough time so that he could wear them to rec baseball evaluations and let me say that they are AMAZING! The prescription is spot on and the quality of the frames are top notch. He even asked if he could wear them to school today (it's a fight every morning for him to wear his "everyday" glasses). I am excited for him to use them during his travel ball practice this afternoon and his travel ball tournament this weekend. We have waited so long to find the perfect sports goggles for him. We will definitely be referring you to other baseball families and be ordering from you again!

Debbie Wright

I have +7.75 prescription. Most places do not recommend an insert for this strength. My prescription changes often & I don't want to spend $400-$500 for an 8 day trip, for a mask that I would only be able to use for this one trip. A Sight for Sport Eyes was the only company I could find who was willing to work with me. I never knew that I should be able to see so well while swimming. These inserts are reasonably prices & I can see. Customer service is fantastic, which is hard to come by these days.

Paul B

Just wanted to tell you all that the bridge for my safety glasses were correct and I would recommend you to everyone that uses them. On a scale of 1 to 10, you guys get a 12!

Howard Bull

Re sale # 47226 Just a short note to thank you guys for the speedy process in delivering the Julbo Explorer XL glasses with my prescription to me earlier than expected. A great surprise.

Jean Louise

I want to compliment your company for the excellent customer service you provided resolving issues with my order.

I will be sure to recommend your services to my skier friends.

Joan I

I just wanted to send an email with a heartfelt thank you! I called on a Friday in a panic. After numerous scratched corneas it was either football goggles or he could not play! I searched frantically on the Internet and came across your website. I called up and dealt with the most amazing customer service ever! She had the goggles converted to the sports package and shipped them for Next day Saturday delivery so he could wear them Saturday afternoon! This story goes further as we discovered he also has an allergy to turf and with the goggles him and his eyes are fully protected! Thank you so much for an extremely thankful mom!

Ham B.

Here is what I have to say about the glasses. I am a professional golf caddie and have been wearing Peak Visions for 10 years now,although this is my first prescription lenses. The job you all did was top shelf in my opinion. Everything was professionally done from beginning to end. I highly recommend you all to others. Thank you for such a pleasant experience.

Gail C.

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that these googles are the best!! And your customer service is amazing.

We went skiing (not the year for it on the east coast but we and Maine persevered!) and all the instructors were saying how awesome the googles were and how nicely made (they were for my son so he took some nice falls). We highly recommended your company and you’ve got a repeat customer in us!

Thanks & happy holidays!

Juan Carlos

Thank you for asking about the product I purchased from you just recently. I am not an easy person to please , being extra exigent upon myself and the job I do. The Smith goggles with the prescription glasses you sold to to me are a wonderful product. I do alpine skiing and for years I just could not get free of fogging to a point that i contemplated giving up the sport altogether. I takes a few rides to adjust to the settings, that being the glasses farther from my eyes than what I am used to, but after that is done, they are amazing!!! I must commend your optics department because the prescription glasses are very well set, my vision is clear even with my high prescription. I normal y use bifocals but I do not need them with these beauties you sent to me. I rarely use the little fan mounted on them, and when I do, it takes a few seconds for the fogging to disappear, maybe I overdress? These goggles changed mi skiing for sure. Now I can see ))
The whole experience with your company was fantastic, from the moment I placed the order, the times I chatted online with your personnel and the time it took for the goggles to arrive here in Canada. I have already recommended your services to a couple of friends of mine.
Thanks again.

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