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Customer Testimonials

Joe O.

Thank you, my son's rec specs are fantastic and I especially wanted to thank you for handling my return so great. I ordered the wrong size and you guys took them back and got a new pair sent out quickly.
As for the product, my son is a 12 year old catcher in LL and loves the goggles. I think this is the 4th pair we have ordered from you and there is no one else we will use. He does not have any problems with them and he uses them for basketball and flag football too.

Abel S.

Hello! I just wanted to take the opportunity to write back about the Bolle Bumpy Ski Goggles (with prescription lens). First, thank you for doing a great job and getting it on time. My wife (petite, mid 20's) has a small face fit, and they fit excellently. I was concerned about ordering them without trying them out, but it seems the risk was worth it. They look great, and the prescription lens are spot on. She can see very well with them, and will not have to be fumbling around with OTG goggles. We will see about their longevity in Colorado next week. Thank you for your communication and your time. We totally appreciate it.

Dwayne D.

Hello! I just received my Sport Eyes today and they exceed my expectations! They arrived much quicker than I expected. The customer service was amazing and everything arrived exactly as advertised. I got them before my big tournament, which will help me take my game to another level. Also, my wife really loves your company name. she thinks it is very clever. Thanks again and I am a very satisfied customer!! Yeah!!!


I wanted to let you know the goggle inserts arrived in good shape. I took them out onto the slopes here in Tahoe today. They are awesome! I appreciate you taking the time to help me navigate the selection and buying process. I communicated with several merchants but you won my business thanks to your quick and knowledgeable answers to my questions. It also helped that your company also offered the most competitive pricing.

Thanks again for being so helpful! God Bless...

Eric S.

Hello and Thank You for the chance to say a few words about AS4SE...unlike most I found this company a couple years prior to my deployment to Iraq...the service and attention to detail we in the Military would love to see is always there..after a couple of years wearing my Rudy Perception flip up lens and back in the beginning was all that was offered for such a strong prescription as mine but I couldn't have been in better hands...When I got down range for OIF 06-07 I was in a bad way for several things and sense I was a gunner in Gun Truck 1...Convoy Security was the #1 most dangerous job in Iraq...I needed parts and extra lenses to try and gain an edge during the day and night...the Laser Black with the mirror type face I was able to wear because they were prescription...the Army provided plenty of glasses..Wiley X's and Oakley's but the double protection I got from the lens and the insert was the best I could get...and of course a name change and I was now wearing RB3's and if you were going to Iraq wouldn't you want the best for your body...the extras they gave me and the shipment to me to APO address's in Iraq was the best...I have always trusted this company and that means allot because we don't trust anybody...when you go from the bright light of the village road I never had to remove my glasses...hands full no problem...and when keeping your hands on your weapon means everything these are the best...flip up and down with a finger...The easy thing to say is Shannen has been there for me for over 10yrs and she was never afraid to call or write if she saw a problem and a solution...Thanks to her I was well protected and as blind as I am I can use all the help I can get...LOL...Thank You Ma'am for your kindness and for always taking care of the troops...your a Military friendly company and I have passed your site on to others over seas and here at home...when they see my Rudy's they are hooked and ready to come your way...Thanks for always being there for me when I needed help the most...when the bullets are flying and IED's are going off...Be Safe and Bless you and your Family

Erik K.

Thank you for helping me with my order. I needed glasses that would fit well under a full-face helmet and Shannen suggested the Wiley-X Romer II. I needed a frame that could hold up to being worn in a tight fit and still offer comfort and good peripheral and downward vision. I ordered it with a clear lens and anti-fog coating. Rode a few hundred miles this weekend with Romer II under my helmet and it was no problem. Better for me than contacts for sure. Very pleased with my order.

Kevin E.

Thank you, by the way, you get an A++++++++++++ for customer service!

Eric S

Thank you very much for my Hilco Zoom sport googles with prescription. They're great! I really appreciated the time your phone rep took in handling multiple calls from me and helping me get my prescription information to you correctly.

Danielle F.

I have ordered from your sight in the past and wanted to let you know I have written a recommendation for your business on my website ( KickStart Fitness is a fitness, health and nutrition site.

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