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Customer Testimonials

Wendy S.

Shannen, my sons goggles came in the mail this week and they fit him perfectly!!! He said "mommy I can see!!" He's so excited that he doesn't have to worry about the goggle fitting over his glasses and it being uncomfortable. Thanks again for being do patient and kind.

Clair T.

I just purchased a pair of prescription goggles for my 4 year old daughter
from you last week. And I just wanted to thank you for shipping them so
quickly. She had swimming lessons today and they arrived in my mailbox this
morning. Also, they fit her perfectly and work wonderfully. I just can't
thank you enough for making these so affordable and easily available. I
called to get some from the eyewear store we use and would've had to pay
$200+ for them. Her prescription is a +7, and we've spent so much money on
her glasses and eye appointments in the last couple of months. These meet
her needs and the price was great. To have her swimming today and seeing
perfectly was just beautiful to watch. So again, thank you so much!

Tracy T.

Your customer service is amazing for an online retailer. Truly. I really appreciate it! It's a lot of money to spend on something that's very important for our seven year old and I appreciate you holding my hand on all of my questions.

Jordan L.

I got both goggles yesterday. I want to let you know how pleased I am with the service you provide. We get so many compliments for the goggles and I feel safe for my kids when they are playing soccer.

Brian F.

The glasses are perfect, and you were the only company I could find who would make them. Thanks so much.

Ken N.

Thanks so much. The lenses arrived this afternoon and were here when I got home from work. They are what I hoped they would be.

I had cataract surgery over the past three weeks with multifocal (RESTOR) implants. At 74, my eyesight is where it was at 34. I removed the polarized progressive bifocals from the glasses and replaced them with with the impact photopolar grey lenses. I can't wait to get to Cape Cod this weekend prepared for some fishing under changeable light conditions.

I appreciate your care and great service. A Sight for Sport Eyes is at the top of my list.

Ken N.
Also, a post script after vacation. The lenses were all that I had hoped for and more. Great for driving, fishing, and biking -- all around. The photopolar feature adapted to every condition. My eyes were never felt tired or strained. Thanks, again. Ken N.

Bill K.

Thank you for the excellent customer service and the quick processing of my order. I play racquetball and love my Bolle Parole RX sport goggles, but my old goggles were at least ten years old and needed to be replaced. My new goggles arrived today, just in time for my match. I will certainly recommend your website to anyone interested in sports goggles, etc.

Ian R.

As an ex production manager I have to say how impressed I have been by your operations efficiency, despite the minor challenge here. You deserve every success. The website is well organised, has all relevant information, good products in a niche market. Customer service orientation is world class, as I have seen through the willing correction of the fabrication problem.


Just wanted to say thanks. You have been without exception the most pleasurable online purchase experience I have had. Such quick responses to all my queries that I was able to quickly make a decision about what I wanted and you made it happen.
I have made two orders through you and they won't be the last.

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