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Customer Testimonials


I finally got my glasses yesterday after a very frustrating delay in South African Customs and slow service, if one could call it that from the Post Ofiice. Thank you for the good advice, great service and even better glasses. These (Panoptx) Boras are super comfortable and very cool! Thank you also for getting the prescription spot-on and in the frame of my choice, unlike some of your competitors, who said that it couldn't be done.

Johan P.
South Africa
" I ride, therefore I am

Hi Shannen,

Some further feedback on 7 EYE Bora prescription sunglasses. Just finished 4042 km solo bike trip across South Africa, mainly through the more arid parts of the Karoo, Busmanland and the Kalahari. Glasses were absolutely great! No dried out eyes or any problems with any early morning or late afternoon glare from the sun.Glasses very light and comfortable on long stretches.

Anne Marie L.

I just wanted to say thank you very much. A Sight for Sport Eyes was a fast, convenient way to order prescription goggles. Your business was very professional in every way.

My two sons who are competitive US swimmers love the goggles. They say that the Hilco goggle is much better than other non-prescription goggles that they've used even without the prescription (the suction around the eye cups, I think).

My husband who swims for fitness also agrees with their assessment.

They all also love being able to see while in the pool!

From Korea

I am very pleased with receiving my two orders(9283916. 9221724), and very gratified at type and quality of those. First I some worry about delivering because of international ordering. Now I become found that there is no problem to buy sunglasses in your website. If I have to buy another things, I will visit to your site.

Kim W.

I just wanted your company to know that the Rec-Specs (RS Mantis) I received from SSE fit perfectly right out of the box. The vision through the Mantis is clearer and has less distortion than my regular corrective lenses from Lenscrafters. For now, I only wear my Rec-Specs on Sunday mornings at Church but I know some day I must get them dirty. But when that day comes and I walk onto that playing field, I will be confident that if I break anything else, it won't be my Rec-Specs. Incidentally, my physical therapist loves soccer but for all the wrong reasons. Take a free corner kick, I'm pushing business your way.


Let me say right off the bat that I had serious misgivings about buying my Rudy Project Exception sunglasses on the Web and more so, because of the need for prescription inserts. However, after the first (of many) prompt and knowledgeable e-mail replies, I knew I had come to the right place.

Not only does SPORT EYES "get it" in terms of an easy-to-navigate and information-rich site --- the customer service is exceptional. I must single out Shannen in particular. She is a gem. Apart from her invaluable knowledge and insights, she exhibited Job-like patience in quickly and professionally replying to the torrent of e-mails from this yet-to-be-formally-diagnosed obsessive.

If SPORT EYES could come up with a way to bottle "essence of Shannen" and sell it to other commercial sites, it would give Internet commerce a major boost.I couldn't be more pleased with my glasses and SPORT EYES.


I just wanted to thank you for being so prompt with shipment, which only took two days! I was intimidated by the frequent warnings that shipment wouldn't start for up to a week and could then take as much as a week, but decided to stick with your company because I appreciated the in depth descriptions and information you made available on your website. In short, I was willing to pay more (in terms of time, as pricing was roughly the same as I found elsewhere) because I appreciated the time you put into building information and detail into the site. It made me feel as though I was dealing with a small business where one is guided by helpful staff as opposed to a circuit city experience where, if help is given by the completely untrained staff, it is worse than useless. This impression carries a lot of weight and I want to see to it that you get positive feedback!

Otto R.

After reading an article in Junior Baseball magazine about the importance of protective eyeware, I searched the internet for glasses or goggles that protected against UV and injury, that were affordable, and – because it was for my 12-year-old son – stylish. How lucky I was to come across! My order was quickly processed and I was kept informed of the shipping process every step of the way. Today, the glasses arrived safe & sound. Thanks, again. I am recommending that the rest of our team get these same glasses from


Thanks so much for the excellent service. I am impressed with the speed with which my order was processed, the unbeatable FedEx delivery, and of course with the quality of the Rudy Project glasses which I chose. I knew I had picked a quality product the moment I saw how well packaged they were from the manufacturer. Opening the box and trying the glasses only confirmed what I had already figured out. The quality of this product combined with the efficiency of your service and FedEx shipping will likely equal a repeat customer.

William K.

Wanted to let you know that I'm VERY happy with the prescription sunglasses I purchased from Sporteyes earlier this year. I first ordered Rudy Project Keja 63, despite a warning from your optician Shannen that the lenses would be thick and may have a lot of distortion because my prescription is so strong. She was right, and I had to send them back to exchange for Rudy Project Kyodo Xebeo, which Shannen helped me choose to minimize the likelihood of distortion. The Xebeos are fabulous, no distortion at all. Thanks. I've been recommending you guys to everyone I talk to who's looking for sunglasses. Tip o the hat to Shannen as well. She did a great job advising.

William K.

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