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Also called "Free Form", a laser and a computer program measures the frame and adjusts your prescription to the curve of the frame and how close the frame sits to your face.This creates a lens unique to only you.

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  • Otto R. | 10, Feb

    After reading an article in Junior Baseball magazine about the importance of protective eyeware, I searched the internet for glasses or goggles that protected against UV and injury, that were affordable, and – because it was for my 12-year-old son – stylish. How lucky I was to come across! My order was quickly processed and I was kept informed of the shipping process every step of the way. Today, the glasses arrived safe & sound. Thanks, again. I am recommending that the rest of our team get these same glasses from

  • Brad | 10, Feb

    Thanks so much for the excellent service. I am impressed with the speed with which my order was processed, the unbeatable FedEx delivery, and of course with the quality of the Rudy Project glasses which I chose. I knew I had picked a quality product the moment I saw how well packaged they were from the manufacturer. Opening the box and trying the glasses only confirmed what I had already figured out. The quality of this product combined with the efficiency of your service and FedEx shipping will likely equal a repeat customer.

  • William K. | 10, Feb

    Wanted to let you know that I'm VERY happy with the prescription sunglasses I purchased from Sporteyes earlier this year. I first ordered Rudy Project Keja 63, despite a warning from your optician Shannen that the lenses would be thick and may have a lot of distortion because my prescription is so strong. She was right, and I had to send them back to exchange for Rudy Project Kyodo Xebeo, which Shannen helped me choose to minimize the likelihood of distortion. The Xebeos are fabulous, no distortion at all. Thanks. I've been recommending you guys to everyone I talk to who's looking for sunglasses. Tip o the hat to Shannen as well. She did a great job advising. William K.

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