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  • Ms. Sarah Wyar | 18, Oct

    I took a long time to decide on a prescription goggle for my daughter. She was born with cataracts, her lenses were removed, and then developed glaucoma which caused very poor vision in her right eye before the glaucoma was found. Her eye doctor told me she would need a +7 strength for her goggles and when I first looked I could not even find + goggles. Finally I found sporty eyes and eventually decided on buying Hilco Adult Swim goggles. It did seem like they took a while to get here but my daughter has used them probably about 5 times now and loves them. She can read words around the pool that she couldn't before and can see clearer under the water and can identify people better when they come into the pool area, which is what I really wanted her to be able to do, so she then doesn't have to continue to ask me who someone is before she realizes she knows them or not. Not being able to see clearly is not something I have ever known, as I have not even needed glasses yet in my life. I love that my daughter has something to make her feel a little more comfortable and confident while she is swimming.

  • Mr. Joseph Berezo | 18, Oct

    Just recently received my pair of Leader Reflective prescription cycling sun glasses. The experience with SportEyes could not have been easier or more smoothly handled. I'm thrilled with my purchase and the entire experience. I will definitely be back.

  • Nick Pagniello | 18, Oct

    I ordered some frames for prescription lenses I already had. Customer service was very polite and order went quickly. Shipping was impressively fast. I am very happy with this website and would do business with then again! Highly recommended!

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