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Trade in your Sunglasses for a new pair!

Trade in your old sunglasses for a new pair.

Print our the form below and mail your sunglasses to us.  We will give you a discount coupon to use for a future purchase on our website. Coupon will be in the form of a dollar amount from $1 to $20 (or more if the sunglasses are a high end brand in perfect condition).  We will determine the amount of the coupon depending on the product being traded in, the condition they are in, and the peripherals (i.e. case, extra lenses, accessories, etc.) you include*.  (Note: We will only accept major manufactured sunglasses--no "cheap" drug store, gas station, etc. type of sunglasses). Also, sunglasses must include lenses with few scratches (no prescriptions).   If you have prescription lenses in the sunglasses, or lenses are very scratched, you can e-mail us to see if your frames qualify. Sunglasses will not be returned to you for any reason**. You can  e-mail us ahead of time to make sure your sunglasses qualify, or for a quote of what your sunglasses may be worth.  We cannot make a final quote until we see the sunglasses and their condition.  The coupon can only be used on a new pair of sunglasses. It cannot be used for accessories, lenses, clothing, binoculars, helmets, parts, etc. Please do not call as phone operators will not be able to answer questions about this promotion.

Print the form below and mail with your used sunglasses:



E-mail address:_____________________________ (required--coupon will be sent to you via e-mail)

Brand/Style of sunglasses being trade in:

Other parts included (i.e. case, lenses, etc.):

Sunglasses you are interested in using the coupon for (you can change your mind--used for research purposes):

Please read terms and conditions and sign below:
I understand that I am giving possession of my sunglasses to A Sight for Sport Eyes who will either re-sell or donate them. I understand that in exchange I will get a coupon for a dollar amount to be determined by A Sight for Sport Eyes based on the condition and style of my sunglasses. I accept whatever that amount of that coupon may be. I understand that my sunglasses will not be returned to me even if I decide not to use the coupon.   I understand that the coupon can only be used only for a future sunglass purchase at A Sight for Sport Eyes. The coupon has no cash value, and cannot be used on any other items except sunglasses.  I have read and accept all of the terms and conditions posted on

___________________________            _______________
Name                                                         Date







*Sunglasses will be either resold or donated so they must be in good condition.

** In some cases, you can arrange to pay for the shipping to have the sunglasses returned to you make a request within 5 days of us receiving the glasses.

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