7Eye by Panoptx Ergofit Sedona

7Eye by Panoptx Ruby

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7Eye Airshield full foam seal Removeable Foam Seal 7Eye by Panoptx Black 7Eye by Panoptx Ruby 7Eye by Panoptx Light Tortoise
7Eye by Panoptx Ergofit Sedona

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Quick Overview

Sunglass/Goggles that seal out wind, dirt and debris. Fits small to medium.  Prescription AvailablePrescription available.

Prices start at $89
Accessories start at $30
Prescriptions start at $140

Additional Information

Lens Colors

Panoptx/7Eye Specialty Lens Colors

Photochromic: NXT is the most advanced photochromic sun lens material ever made, creating lenses like our 24:7 Original and Contrast with a broad transmission range, rapid activation and exceptional durability. Both new 24:7 lenses darken and fade in a hurry, and they keep on changing after other brands' photochromic films stop working. 24:7 lenses in NXT® are also virtually shatterproof, with a lifetime warranty against breakage.


7Eye by Panoptx Dark Shift Lens DarkShiift: The darkest light adjusting lens on the market.  30% darker tint (gray based) than the other light changing lenses in the collection. 


7Eye by Panoptx Eclypse Lens Sharpview 24:7 Eclypse :  Dynamic lens changes fast day or night.  Darkens to gray, lightens to clear.  Anti-fog coated.  Impact resistant polycarbonate.  18-80% light transmission.  Sharpview technology offers  100% UVA + UVB protection.  Decentered and tapered for a crisp image in every direction.  Polycarbonate lenses.
7eye by Panoptx 24:7 Contrast 24:7 Contrast in NXT: If you are planning to wear your 7EYE glasses night and day or indoors and out, the 24:7 Contrast in NXT is the ticket.  It fades to a yellow tint for better visibility at night and in low light and darkens to a brownish gray that improves contrast by cutting haze.  The lens is treated with an anti-fog coating for all weather performance.   Impact resistant.  NXT lens material offers distortion free optics and featurs the Quarts scratch resistant, anti-static coating, and ar stronger than any other lenses (guaranteed unbreakable for life).    18-80% light transmission.  100% UVA/B protection.
7eye by Panoptx Color Amp Copper lens

Color Amp Copper in NXT: This copper lens has be specially formulated to boost your eyes recognition of primary colors. We call this formula Amplified Color Technology and the lens Re-ACT because you can react sooner to visual stimuli, like brake lights, if you can see color with greater clarity.  Most sunglasses drown out color with a dark tint, but with Re-ACT Copper restores the  vibrancy and richness of color while still providing soothing protection.  This lens features a subtle mirror coat on the front, topped with a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, and a tough, flow-coat anti-fog treatment.   NXT material delivers superior optics with superior impact resistance.  14% light transmission.  100% UVA/B protection.


7Eye by Panoptx Sharpview Copper lens

Sharp View Copper:  Delivers prescription quality clarity for people who don't need a prescription.   The copper tint helps to cut haze and the durable anti-fog treatment fights fogging. Compared to ordinary sunglass lenses, it's like seeing the world in high definition.  100% UVA/B protection.  Polycarbonate lenses. 

7Eye by Panoptx Sharpview Polarized Gray lenses

Sharpview Polarized Gray: Cuts distracting glare from the sun.  Tapered thicness for superior vision clarity in a wrap around.  Prescription quality and clarity.  Impact-resistant polycarbonate.  100% UVA/B protection.  13% light transmission.

7Eye by Panoptx Sharpview Polarized Copper Lens Sharpview Polarized Copper:  Cuts distracting glare from the sun.  Tapered thickness for superior vision clarity in a wrap around.  Prescription quallity and clarity.  Impact resistant polycarbonate.  100% UVA/B protection.  15% Light transmission.
7Eye by Panoptx Sharpview Gray lens Sharpview Gray:  Prescription quality and clarity.  Tapered thickness for superior vision clarity in a wrap around.  Anti-fog coating.  Impact Resistant polycarbonate.  13% light transmission.  100% UVA/B protection.
7eye by Panoptx Clear lens SharpView Clear:  Prescription quality and clarity.  Tapered thickness for superior vision clarity in a wraparound.  Anti-fog coating.  Impact-resistant polycarbonate.  100% UVA/B protection.


Price Range $89.00
Frame Color/Lens Color No
Sizing Adult Small
Base Curve 8 Base
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