Julbo Looping II Sunglasses

Julbo Looping 2 Red-Blue

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Julbo Looping 2 Sunglasses Dark Blue-Lime Dark Blue/Lime / Spectron 4 Baby Pink/Blue / Spectron 4 Baby Julbo Looping 2 Pink-Blue Julbo Looping 2 Fuchsia-Grey Kid wearing Julbo Looping 2 sunglasses Julbo Looping 2 Blue-Orange Julbo Looping 2 Red-Blue Julbo Looping 2 Purple-Green Julbo Looping 2 Blue-Lime
Julbo Looping II Sunglasses

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Quick Overview

12 to 24 Months. Prescription available Prescription lenses available. Boy and girl colors available.

Prices start at $35
Prescriptions start at $90

Additional Information

Lens Colors

Julbo Lens Color Description

All Julbo lenses belong to optical class 1 and guarantee 100% protection against UVA, B and C. 

Special treatments:   Julbo is an expert in solar protection for high -risk environments and develops highly specific treatments for each condition of use. 

  • Anti-fog:  Applied by laser on the inside of the lens to guarantee maximum life. This same technology is used on helmet visors for grand prix racing.
  • Anti-Reflection:  Increase optical comfort and eliminates parasitic reflections.
  • Brown Out:  Gives enhanced filtration of visible light.
  • Flash:  Increases visible light filtering through a mirror effect on the lens.
  • Hydrophobic:  Causes water to slip off the lens.  The treatment prevents the creation of hydrogen links between water molecules.  Visibility is enhanced.

Protection Classes (CE standards)

Protection or category index % of visible light transmitted Tips for use
0 80% to 100% cloudy days
1 43% to 80% partly sunny days
2 18% to 43% sunny days
3 8% to 18% high altitude/bright days
4 3% to 8% high altitude/bright days--cannot be used driving--too dark and is not safe

Lens Materials:

  • ARC Mineral:  Recommended for deserts and mountaineering.  Glass.  Excellent quality optics, scratch resistance, extra infrared protection.  Additional treatment to provide more impact resistance.
  • Spectron Polycarbonate:  Recommended for all sports.  Shock resistant and lightweight.  Anti-scratch surface treatment.
  • NXT:  High definition vision, superior optical quality, optimum transparency; light and unbreakable; lasting strength and resistance to solvents.   Made using low-temperature casting techniques which reduce internal stress in the material, this improves optical quality, gives excellent transparency, and increases long-term stability. NXT lenses were developed for the US Army.  3 high technology NXT lenses:
    •   Polar + : High precision polarizing lens with anti-reflection. This lens optimizes the view, cutting out distortion, and eliminating dazzling sun glints from all reflective surfaces.
    • Zebra: Photochromic lens. Wide amplitude in categories 2 to 4 with fast activation speed (22 to 28 seconds). Anti-fog treatment.  The glass darkens or lightens as the surrounding brightness changes (from 40.7% to 6.6% of the visible light transmission rate depending on luminous intensity).  Recommended for mountain biking, trails and climbing. 
    • Cameleon:  Photochromic and polarizing, dual technologies.  Progressive protection in categories 3 to 4.  Anti-glare, high definition polarizing lens which darkens or lightens as the brightness changes.  Recommended for water sports and mountaineering. 

Sunglass Lens Colors

Check out the Julbo Lens selector here.

Picture of color Color Lens Material Recommended uses: Tips for use and treaments % of visible light transmission Protection Index
Julbo Alti-Arc X8 Lenses Alti Arc 4+ ARC Mineral Glass
 Mountain, water and bright sun. Not recommended for driving.
High altitude/Bright sun--cannot be used driving Anti-reflection treatment and flash mirror.  Burnishing increases the filtering of visible light.
7% 4
Julbo Altitude Arc Lenses Alti Arc 4
ARC Mineral Glass
 Mountain, water and bright sun. Not recommended for driving. High altitude/Bright sun--cannot be used driving Anti-reflection treatment and Active Brown-out and Flash Mirror 4% 4
Julbo Spectron 0 Lenses Spectron 0 Clear Sight
 Cloudy Conditions
low light 91% 0
Julbo Spectron 1 Lenses Spectron 1 Hi Contrast Polycarbonate  Partly cloudy to cloudy condtions
partly sunny 50% 1
Julbo Spectron Blue Spectron 3+ Blue Polycarbonate  Mountain, water, bright sun
Sunny. Flash finish.
12% 2
Julbo Spectron X4 Lenses Spectron 4 Polycarbonate  Mountain, water, bright sun. Not recommended for driving. 
High altitude/sunny.  Anti-fog coating (except on baby version).  Flash finish.
5% 4
Julbo Polarized Lenses Polarized 3/3+
Polycarbonate  Mountain, water and bright sun.
High altitude/sunny--Flash treament on 3+ lenses
11% (3+)
Julbo Falcon Lenses
Falcon NXT Good for mountain, water and driving. 
Polarized and photochromic (light changing), Anti-reflective coating. Oleophobic coating helps prevent oil/grease from settling on lenses.  Lenses change color behind car windshield.  Copper color increases contrast.
Varies (9 to 20%) 2 to 3
Julbo Zebra LensesJulbo Zebra Lenses Zebra NXT mountain biking, trail biking, running, climbing, skiing, riding and other outdoor sports.
Not recommended for driving.
High altitude/sunny--Photochromic (light changing). Antifog treated.  The Zebra® photochromic lens darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity. Anti-fog coating.
Varies (7 to 42%) 2 to 4
Julbo Zebra Light Zebra Light NXT Better for activities where you don't want the lens to get too dark and need it to get lighter (i.e. road cycling, driving with top off, motorcycling, etc.  Same as Zebra but doesn't go as dark (level 3) and gets lighter .  Too dark of lens can reduce reaction time. Varies (16 to 80%) 1 to 3
Julbo Camel Lenses Camel NXT Active sports.  Mountain, desert and snow. Cannot be used driving
High altitude/sunny--Photochromic (light changing). and polarized.  Brown based for increased contrast.  Anti-fog treated.  Cannot be used driving Varies (5 to 20%)
2 to 4
Julbo Octopus lenses Octopus NXT Water sports. Cannot be used driving. Photochromic (light changing) and polarized. Gray based for neutral color perception.  Water shedding hydrophobic coating.  Oil repellant makes it easier to clean and doesn't get fingerprints.  Varies (5 to 20%)

2 to 4

Price Range $35.00
Frame Color/Lens Color No
Sizing Kids Size
Base Curve 6 Base
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