Julbo Universe Snow Goggles

Julbo Universe Blue/Zebra Light

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Julbo Universe Black-Gray/Camel Julbo Universe Black-Gray/Zebra Light Julbo Black-Red/Snow Tiger Julbo Black-Gray/Zebra Rx adapter in ski goggles Julbo Universe Blue-Orange/Zebra Light Julbo Universe Black/Zebra Light Julbo Universe Black/Zebra Orange Flash Julbo Universe Gray/Snow Tiger
Julbo Universe Snow Goggles

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Fits X-tra Large. Spherical lens. Prescription availablePrescription Adapter available.

Prices start at $210
Prescriptions start at $78.50

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Lens Colors

Julbo Ski Goggle Lenses

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Lens Color Picture Lens Name Features Light Transmission Category
Julbo Ski Goggle Zebra lens Zebra High altitude/sunny--Photochromic (light changing). Antifog treated.  The Zebra® photochromic lens darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity. Anti-fog coating. Varies (7 to 42%)
2 to 4
Julbo Ski Goggle Zebra Light Lens Zebra Light Same as Zebra but doesn't go as dark (level 3) and gets lighter .  Too dark of lens can reduce reaction time. Varies (16 to 80%) 1 to 3
Julbo Ski Goggle Camel Lens Camel High altitude/sunny--Photochromic (light changing). and polarized.  Brown based for increased contrast.  Anti-fog treated.  Cannot be used driving Varies (5 to 20%) 2 to 4
Julbo Ski Goggles Snow Tiger Lenses Snow Tiger All-weather performance.  “Glare Control” filter for better reading of the terrain.  Orange tint to improve contrast.  Fire multilayer coating.  By combining photochromic technology with glare protection, this photochromic lens allows all-mountain riders to ski with total confidence in both good and bad weather. With a tint that reacts to different light levels and a Glare Control filter, it promotes optimum reading of the terrain whatever the conditions. The effects of whiteout and snow surface glare are eliminated, while icy sections are easy to see.  57% polarization effect combats glare while remaining sufficiently light to allow good visibility. This makes the terrain easy to read in both good and bad weather.. Varies (25% to 50%) 2 to 3
Price Range $210.00
Frame Color/Lens Color No
Sizing Adult Large
Base Curve 6 Base
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