Numa X-Frame Sunglasses

Black/3 lenses (Polar Smoke, Mandarin & Clear)

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Black/3 lenses (Polar Smoke, Mandarin & Clear)
Numa X-Frame Sunglasses

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Quick Overview

Lenses only left. Fits Medium to large faces. Prescription available  Available with prescription.

Prices start at $25
Prescriptions start at $200

Additional Information

Lens Colors

Numa Sunglass Lens Information:
Numa lenses

UV Rating:
100% UV protection against light wavelengths up to 400nm, blocking 100% of harmful UV rays.

Lens Material:
Polycarbonate is preferred over glass for active sports because it is impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, lightweight and durable.  Unlike glass, polycarbonate is flexible and bends, rather than shatters, when struck.  Numa’s lenses were tested to European ballistic standards for high-impact resistance before they were adopted by the Swiss SWAT teams as their standard issue eyewear.

Light Filtration:
Different lighting conditions demand varying degrees of light filtration.  The European Light Filtration Standard (EN 1836:1977) divides lenses into 5 categories of filtration (FC0-FC4) based on the percentage of visual light transmitted through the lens.  Numa lenses fall into categories FC0-FC3.  Refer to the Light Filtration Chart below to see which of our lenses are right for your intended usage.

Neither light filtration level nor tint affect the level of UV protection. All Numa Tactical lenses, including Clear, provide 100% protection from all UV light.

Light Filtration Chart

Protection Filter Class (FC)

Filter 0

Filter 1

Filter 2

Filter 3

Filter 4


Clear, slightly tinted

Light tint

Medium Tint

Dark Tint

Very dark Tint

Visible Light transmitted

81 – 100%

44- 80 %

18 – 43 %

8 – 17%

3 – 7%

Numa Lenses

Clear, Reflective Clear

Low-light Orange, Yellow Polarized, Blue Fire


Reflector lenses



Dawn, twilight,
cloudy weather, protection against wind and debris

Partly cloudy skies; as blue-blocker to increase visual acuity

General use sun protection. Partly sunny to sunny days.

Beach, mountains, sunny days

Glacier hiking, high mountaineering close to the sun, conditions of extreme light radiation

UV A / -B/ -C rays blocked






Color Filtration:
While the primary purpose of brown or grey-tinted lenses is to block all colors of light, to lessen eye-strain in harsh lighting conditions, Orange and Yellow tinted lenses have a more specific purpose.  Those lens tints make one’s vision crisper and sharper by blocking blue light, which is the cause of haze.  For this reason, these lenses are often referred to as “blue-blockers” and are the preferred tint for shooting glasses, and for dawn, twilight or cloudy-day outdoor activities.


Polarized lenses are recommended for many outdoor activities, especially fishing, kayaking, boating or any other activity where you want to eliminate the glare from a reflective surface.

Glare results from light rays hitting your eye from several directions simultaneously, as when the sun’s rays are reflected off of a body of water.  While tinted lenses block a percentage of all light from reaching the eye, polarization fulfills a more specialized function, by specifically filtering out reflected light. 
When light reflects off an object it usually changes its orientation, and is therefore not in sync with the primary light source.  Polarized lenses block the reflected rays by allowing only light traveling on one plane to pass through the lens.  What reaches your eye is the light from the primary light source.  The result of this is glare elimination that does not depend on the tint of the lens: Polarized lenses can eliminate reflected glare more effectively than regular lenses without having to be as dark.  The benefits of this will be explained below. 
Polarized lenses are crucial to fisherman not just because they minimize eye fatigue by reducing glare, but also because they eliminate the “mirror effect,” transforming the water’s surface from a “mirror” that reflects light into a “pane of glass” which they can look through.  This allows the fisherman to see the fish and rocks beneath the surface.  To illustrate the above point, try looking at a body of water on a bright day, or at the windshield of a car in a parking lot.  The external light source naturally causes the surface of the water or window to act as mirror.  Now put on your Numa polarized eyewear, and that mirror becomes as translucent as a pane of glass.  Now you can see the rocks and fish beneath the water’s surface, or the inside of the car in the parking lot example. 

Our Low-Light Yellow Polarized lenses were designed to filter out only a small percentage of visible light while still blocking out reflected light rays, thus allowing the user to see beneath the water’s surface even in poor-light conditions (i.e.- when it is too dark to use the Smoke polarized lenses).

Lens Packages

The Tactical Lens System contains Smoke, Low-Light Orange and Clear lenses, providing you with every lens type you will need in the field.  Smoke lenses reduce eye fatigue on bright sunny days.  Low-Light Orange is ideal for dusk, dawn or cloudy days; it is a blue-blocker, eliminating haze and bringing everything into sharp, crisp focus.  Clear is suitable protection against wind, debris and UV rays on dark stormy days or for general night use.

With the Extreme Lens System, you are ready with the perfect lens for any occasion.  Set contains: Polarized Smoke, Low-Light Orange,  and clear .  The polarized is ideal for high-glare conditions such as boating, fishing, driving or alpine sports.   Low-Light Orange is ideal for dusk, dawn or cloudy days; it is a blue-blocker, eliminating haze and bringing everything into sharp, crisp focus.  Clear is suitable protection against wind, debris and UV rays on dark stormy days or for general night use.

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