Liberty Sport IT-10 Sunglasses

Liberty Sport IT-10 Black

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Liberty Sport IT-10 Sunglasses

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Quick Overview

For golf, general sports.  Rimless design with 6 base so good for prescriptions. AVailable with prescription Prescriptions available.  Multiple color options available.

Prices was $140--Sale $120
Prescriptions start at $105
Accessories start at $6

Additional Information

Lens Colors

Libert Sport Lens Information: 

Liberty Sport Ultimate Sports Lens ™
Liberty Sport Ultimate Sports sun lens is a combination of maximum impact polycarbonate lenses with premium tints and coatings that make for the best protection available.
Lens Color
Ultimate Drivers lens
Ultimate Drivers:  Made for speed and motion activities. Tint is tailored for a moderate level of transmission to provide both sustained comfort and uncompromised visibility under the varying conditions encountered.
Ultimate Play lens
Ultimate Play:  Designed to highlight the ball against the background (sky or grass). Unique balance of target and background brightness. Low hue mirrors will enhance the contrast without significantly changing the spectral curve.
Ultimate Outdoor lens
Ultimate Outdoor: Designed to accommodate the visual needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Lens is extremely useful in forested and offroad environments when faced with variable light conditions.
Ultimate H2O lens
Ultimate H20: Designed for water activities, providing superior protection and visual comfort. Water and Sky will appear "bluer and truer", the white peaks of the water and the clouds will "sparkle" while vivid colors will "pop".
Ultimate Snow
Ultimate Snow:  Designed for perceiving changes in terrain while participating in a variety of winter activities. Sensitive filters highlight the critical red, green and yellow portions of the spectrum. This combination provides comfort in bright reflective conditions.
Polarized Brown Lenses
Polarized Brown: Polarized warm brown lens that performs best in bright to moderate light conditions where there is a combination of reflected light and shade.
POlarized Neutral  lenses
Polarized Neutral Gray lens that performs best in very bright conditions where there is a lot of reflected light.
Clear Lenses Clear:  Delivers excellent visibility indoors or out.
Yellow polycarbonate lenses Yellow:  Great contrast under sunny, hazy or foggy conditions. 
Brown polycarbonate lenses Brown: 
Improves contrast on bright, hazy, or smoggy days.
Gray polycarbonate lenses Gray:  All purpose sun protection.
Green polycarbonate lenses Green:  Provides a unique balance of target and background brightness.
POlarized Gray lenses Polarized Gray:  Polarized polycarbonate sun lenses reduce reflective glare. Specially designed grey tint increases contrast and visual acuity making objects sharper.
Polarized Brown lenses Polarized Brown:  Polarized polycarbonate sun lenses reduce reflective glare. Specially designed brown tint increases contrast and visual acuity making objects sharper.
Photochromic Gray lenses Photochromic (Transitions) Gray:  Provides clear and comfortable vision in virtually any light condition.
Photochromic Brown Lenses Photochromic (Transitions) Brown:  Provides clear and comfortable vision in virtually any light condition.
Price Range $120.00
Frame Color/Lens Color No
Sizing No
Base Curve No
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