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The sun is the largest source of blue light exposure.Blue light is what makes the sky look blue.

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Adidas Sunglasses and Goggles

Adidas sunglasses



The Perfect Sports Sunglasses

Developed with athletes, for athletes.  Adidas eyewear offers sports sunglasses with frames that focus on function and filters that focus on quality.

Perfect for any sport.  Adidas eyewear sunglasess showcase unique features that can be combined and optimized to meet the demands of any sport.

For world records and personal bests.  The perfect outdoor equipment for demanding customers.

The perfect protection.  Eyes require the best protection.  Frames, lenses and filters from adidas eyewear combine high end materials and high tech innovations into the perfect blend of form and function.  Protect every moment because every moment is valuable.


Adidas Performance Eyewear Technical Information:

Individual fit.

Adidas Nose Bridge Technology Double snap nose bridge:  To optimize the resting position on your nose, the Double Snap nose bridge provides you with a double-width adjustment.  The non slip, soft material offers a secure and comfortable feel.
Adidas tri Fit Technology Tri. Fit:  With the 3 levels of height adjustment you can adapt your eyewear for an optimum fit.  Additionally, this exclusive feature of Adidas eyewear compensates for the angle of incidence of light rays, which helps prevent the blinding effect of light rays




Secure fit.

Helmet compatible:   A secure fit with helmet compatibility is achieved by the 2-frame leveling system of id2 goggles.  The detachable and flexible front automatically adapts to your helmet size.

Light and flexible:  A non-slip, pressure free and stable fit.  Your eyewear stays where you need it.  SPX is a lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic material with incorporated Flex Zones. This provides flexibility and wearing comfort when combined with Traction Grip.

Maximum Field of Vision

Dynamic ventilation:  Climacool technology by adidas is based on dynamic ventilation technology.  The air is directed in a way that is not intrusive or disturbing to your eyesight.  Additionally, the special Nano foam manages moisture and prevents fogging.

Wrap-Around View:  Wrap around lens (up to 10 base).  The extensive curvature of the lens provides you with the widest field of vision and optimum protection for your eyes.

Adapter and Insert Glazing:  Adidas eyewear can be easily used for optical correction, either through direct inframe glazing, optical readers or through performance inserts (rim or rimless).  This provides a maximum field of vision without sacrificing optical integrity.

Light Stabilizing Technoloy (LST):  Regardless of Light conditions, the Light Stabilizing Technology (LST) provides a consistent view with contrast enhancement, maximum peripheral vision and natural colors.

Maximum Protection:

Sweat blocker and nose cover:  In addition to the wrap around frame construction, the detachable sweat blocker prevents sweat from running into your eyes and obscuring your vision.  The nose cover protects you against harmful light and UV; the nose cover protects you against harmful light and UV; the nose cover and sweat blocker can be easily removed and replaced when needed.

Wrap around frame:  The wrap-around frame technology guarantees a maximum field of vision and gives you a snug fit.  It ensures that the eyewear will not dismount and protects your eyes from external obstacles.

Safety for your eyes

Quick Change lens System:  Simple, fast but sturdy lens changing enables you to easily adapt your equipment to all light and weather conditions.  The lenses comply to supreme optical quality (class 1) and offer 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.  

Impact resistant:  The polycarbonate material of the lens can withhold strong impact forces.  This combined with intensive wrap around lenses (up to base 10 curvature) protects your eyes from irritating external influences such as dirt, rain, wind, insects, pollen, etc.


Releases instead of breaking:  Quick release hinge temples will release under exertion of impact force, to prevent damage to your eyewear.  The temples are easily and quickly reinserted or you can replace them with head straps, which accompany certain models.

Bends instead of breaking:  SPX is a lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic material with incorporated Flex Zones.  It guarantees a non-slip and pressure free fit that is stable.  Your eyewear stays where you need it.

Wearing Comfort:

Tough:  The Vision Advantage PC lenses made from polycarbonate material incorporate a nanomodified water-repellent anti-scratch coating.  This special multilayer construction makes the lens highly resistant and ensures a long product life with the ability to withstand strong impact forces.

Sophisticated lens fixation: Quick-Change lens system.  Sophisticated lens fixations guarantee a proper fit and easy lens swapping.  Regardless of light and weather conditions, you will always be well prepared.

Adidas Lens Technology

Light Stabilizing Technology Lenses

LST Active:  The lens that helps your stay ahead day after day.  Brightening effect despite high light absorption, for enhanced contrast vision.  

  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Enhances contrast
  • Improves peripheral vision
  • Ensures clear perception of all terrain irregularities
  • Brightening effect
  • Protects against blinding glare
  • Perfect for biking, running, golf, outdoors and snow

LST Contrast:  eliminates all visual detractors.  LST contrast lenses sharpen perception in all light conditions and enhances high-contrast vision especially against green backgrounds.  

  • Protects against blinding light and improves visual comfort
  • Enhances contrast for clear perception of physical terrain contours such as putting greens
  • Preserves natural colors
  • Perfect for golf and running

LST Vario:  Lens that ensures excellent vision in any light.  LST vario sharpens perception and due to its photochromic filters, it adapts automatically to different light conditions.

  • Self tinting lens automatically adapts to the environment by darkening or brightening as required
  • Rapid reaction times
  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Enhances contrast
  • Perfect for running and golf

LST Polarized:  Protects your eyes in all light conditions and effectively eliminates light waves reflected by brilliant and shiny surfaces.

  • Improves contrast compared to normal polarized lenses
  • Reduces reflections caused by snow, water or wet asphalt
  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Preserves natural colors
  • Perfect for watersports


Loose dirt particles will be gather up by the water droplets as they roll, leaving a clean and dry surface.  The rounder the droplets the faster the water moves off the lens.  Hydrophobic technology keeps the droplets rounder so they repel faster.  Clear vision, easier to clean stays clean longer.



Lens Color

Recommended Use
Light Absorption Lens Category
Adidas Lens LST Bright Blue Mirror

LST Bright Blue Mirror:  

Our LST lenses boost contrast and enhance the natural color perception, are excellent all-purpose contrast-enhancing and light harmonizing lenses, reduce the intensity of light to a comfortable level without taking away the beauty of colors.

Increased visibility in poor light conditions.
56%  1
 Adidas Lens LST Active

 LST Active:  

Increases visibility in foggy and cloudy conditions.

   16%  3
 Adidas Lens LST Bright

 LST Bright

Increases visibility in low light/cloudy/stormy conditions.

   60%  1
 Adidas Lens LST Contrast

 LST Contrast

Enhances high-contrast vision especially against green backgrounds.

   14%  1
 Adidas LST Blue Light Filter Lens

 LST Blue Light Filter

Increases visibility in extreme light conditions.

   10%  3
 Adidas Lens LST Polarized

 LST Polarized

Glare-blocking lens for all purposes.

   12%  3
Adidas Lens Vario Purple

LST Bright Vario Puprle Mirror:

Increased visibility in poor light conditions.

13%-62% 1-3
 Adidas Lens LST Polarized Silver

 LST Polarized Silver

Special lens for light reflection from water, ice, snow, etc. high contrasting effect, silver mirror

   9%  3
 Adidas lens vario

LST Vario

Special photochromic lens for changing light conditions

13% to 30% 2-3
Adidas Lens Vario Blue

LST Vario Blue Mirror

Ideal lens for all light conditions

15% to 73% 1-3
 Adidas Lens LST Active Mirror

LST Active Mirror

Brightening effect despite high light absorption gold or silver mirror

16% 3
 Adidas LST Contrast Light

LST Contrast Light

Optimum contrast for partly overcast weather conditions

35% 2
 Adidas Lens LST Active Light

LST Active Light

Brightening effect despite high light absorption especially for partly overcast weather conditions

36% 2
 Adidas LST Bright Silver Lens

LST Bright Silver

Brightening effect despite high light absorption especially for partly overcast weather conditions.

16% 2
 Adidas LST Active Silver Lens

LST Active Silver

High brightening effect despite high light absorption, gold or silver mirror

16% 3
 Adidas Polarized Brown Lens

Polarized Brown

Special lens for light reflection from water, ice, snow, etc. contrasting effect.

10% 3
 Adidas Lenses Polarized Gray

Polarized Gray

Special lens for light reflection from water, ice, snow, etc.

13% 3
 Adidas Replacement Lens Space

Space Lens

sun protection for extreme light conditions (glacier, snow, water)

5% 4
 Adidas Replacement Lens Gray


Solar protection

13% 3
 Adidas Replacement Lens Gray Silver Gradient

Gray Silver Gradient

solar protection

14% 3
 Adidas Lens Crystal Silver Gradient

Crystal Silver Gradient

Protection from wind and insects

  87% 0
 Adidas Replacement Lens Yellow


Better vision in fog and diffuse light, brightening effect

  87% 0
 Adidas Replacement Lens Clear


Protection from wind and insects. Nighttime wear

  93% 0


Adidas Prescription Information:

For athletes that require prescription, adidas Sport eyewear offers a range of prescription solutions compatible with their individual needs and types of sport.  

You can choose between a direct glazing solution, an adapter or a clip in to ensure optimum performance as a result of optimum vision--your individual prescription solution built for performance.


Is the most professional prescription solution and provides the largest field of vision. The freeform technology in the lenses is precisely calculated at every angle using thousands of precision points.

There are different versions available: Single lenses and progressive lenses; both are available with adidas LST technology.


What is the advantage of a lens with Freeform-Technology?
Generic lenses have a disruptive blur around the perimeter of the lens. In contrast, freeform technology provides a clear view over the whole area.




What is the advantage of a progressive lens with Freefo

These progressive lenses provide excellent long-range vision. They also allow you to clearly read information on your trip computer, navigation, or heart rate monitor.





The solution for higher prescriptions

  • Excellent field of vision
  • Provides you with a wide range of prescription options
  • Comparable to a direct-glazed solution



The most versatile solution for the greatest exibility

  • Lenses can be swapped, according to different light conditions
  • Clip-in solutions can be used on all adidas eyewear models
  • Best for extremely curved lenses
  • The most cost-effective solution