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About A Sight for Sport Eyes

For 20 years, A Sight for Sport Eyes has been recognized as one of the leading experts in the sports eyewear market. We have a wide selection of sports goggles and sunglasses available at all price levels to fit all budgets, most of which are available with optional prescription lenses.

We offer cutting edge technology in our prescription lenses, including Transitions, Polarized, and Trivex materials, all made from high quality manufacturers such as Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, and NXT. In addition, digital free form technology, the most advanced lens technology in the industry which allows for a wider field of vision than traditional edged lenses, is available for most of our sports glasses or with most manufacturer direct lenses.

We also pride ourselves on superior customer service. Emails are responded to within one business day and we now offer Skype video service as an option after the sale so we can troubleshoot any issues you have to better serve you. This way we can give you the same customer serivice you would get if you came into our brick and mortar store. Try to find that elsewhere online.

A Sight for Sport Eyes has a certified dispensing optician on staff who is here to ensure that product you choose is the perfect product for you and your specific needs. Our optician personally reviews every prescription order to make sure your particular prescription will work with the frame style you have selected and that we have all the necessary prescription information to custom fabricate your lenses properly. This extra step reduces errors and helps ensure that you are getting the appropriate sports glasses for your needs. We will never unethically fill a progressive lens prescription without having the proper measurements. Sometimes this means sending you the frame first, a step that helps guarantee that your progressive lenses are made with the correct prescription at the correct focal points. (Note: only single vision prices are online – for progressives, please call or email us for more information.) Quite honestly, our optician often tells customers that progressive lenses may not be the best option for their sport or activity. Why spend money on progressive lenses if they won’t help improve your game? Our optician can give you a customized eyewear recommendation based on your sport or activity and prescription and let you know in which cases a progressive lens, for instance, may make sense and when it may not. We will never try to sell you the most expensive option, instead we will always offer up what we believe is the best option for your needs, which many times may be cheapest option. What we will try to do is help you pick the best sports glasses for you!

At A Sight for Sport Eyes, we have a passion for eye safety and for top level performance to help you play to play better. (Read our page on sports eye injuries) We are here to educate you on the risks many sports pose to the eyes and help guide you in finding the right sports glasses to both protect your vision and increase your performance. Over 28,000 people a year suffer a sports related eye injury, most of which are preventable with proper sports eyewear. Most people understand the importance of wearing properly fitting helmets, pads, and the like to protect their bodies while playing sports, but few take precautions to protect their eyes, which aside from the brain, is possibly the most important body part for effective play. Think about it, could you play without your vision? Sadly, many eye injuries are permanent and can’t be rehabbed like a joint or muscle injury and many can be career ending. So shouldn’t we be protecting our eyes? Good vision is essential to performance, too, and few people realize that something as simple as having the proper tint on their sports glasses can greatly enhance their performance. High contrast lenses, wrap around frames, etc., can increase reaction time, increase depth perception, enhance peripheral vision, and prevent wind from causing tearing. Ask our experts how to make your sports eyeglasses work best for you! (See “Free Expert Advice” link on right.)

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