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ASTM Safety Rated Sports Goggles and Glasses

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Happy Customers

I ordered some frames for prescription lenses I already had. Customer service was very polite and order went quickly. Shipping was impressively fast. I am very happy with this website and would do business with then again! Highly recommended!

Nick Pagniello

Just recently received my pair of Leader Reflective prescription cycling sun glasses. The experience with SportEyes could not have been easier or more smoothly handled. I'm thrilled with my purchase and the entire experience. I will definitely be back.

Mr. Joseph Berezo

I took a long time to decide on a prescription goggle for my daughter. She was born with cataracts, her lenses were removed, and then developed glaucoma which caused very poor vision in her right eye before the glaucoma was found. Her eye doctor told me she would need a +7 strength for her goggles and when I first looked I could not even find + goggles. Finally I found sporty eyes and eventually decided on buying Hilco Adult Swim goggles. It did seem like they took a while to get here but my daughter has used them probably about 5 times now and loves them. She can read words around the pool that she couldn't before and can see clearer under the water and can identify people better when they come into the pool area, which is what I really wanted her to be able to do, so she then doesn't have to continue to ask me who someone is before she realizes she knows them or not. Not being able to see clearly is not something I have ever known, as I have not even needed glasses yet in my life. I love that my daughter has something to make her feel a little more comfortable and confident while she is swimming.

Ms. Sarah Wyar

I would first want to thank you for the prompt processing of my order, and second for your excellent service. I will highly recommend and forward your site to anyone interested in quality eyewear again thank you, and looking to doing business in the future with you.

Samuel P.

I am writing this letter to thank you and your company for assisting myself and a fellow member of our Board of Directors regarding the purchase of sports glasses for our children. I purchased a pair of prescription glasses for both of my sons and Glenn Krebs--Minors Division Commissioner, purchased a pair for his son. All of us were extremely pleased with the glasses and have put your company on our "recommended vendor" list for our organization. I personally want to thank you for being able to change my "middle" child's attitude towards sports glasses. He will not take the baseball field without putting them on which was not the case last season. He likes the style and fit and I like the fact that he can actually see the ball again, and for the safety factor, which was sorely missed last year.

Kevin T.

Thank you for your prompt response to my order, and for keeping me informed on the status of said order. It is refreshing to receive that level of customer service from a website. I only mention that because on two occasions I have dealt with "sunglass" sites that have been less than forthcoming with information about my orders.

Chuck R.

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my recent order. I received my new sunglasses yesterday and they are exactly what I wanted (worth the wait). Thank you for waiving the delivery fee as well.


Got the glasses today, they are great. Finally I can jet ski without looking thru clouds and rain in my glasses. That's better for everyone as I am a maniac on the skis. Thanks so much for guiding the order thru its challenges. Will email an order for more pairs on Monday,


My swim goggles arrived today and I just want to thank you for your assistance in getting them to me in a timely manner. I am impressed by your products and the efficiency with which you serviced my order. If you have a catalogue available of the items you carry, please send it to me so I can share it with my family members.


I just received my RecSpecs, at 10:30 this morning! Again let me THANK YOU!! I can offer little in the way of business; but I will recommend your web site and calling in an order!! Your assistance was EXCELLENT and greatly appreciated!!!

Nathan M.

You guys have been terrific! I usually have at least one nightmare per xmas with e-mail orders that don't arrive on time and retailers who don't communicate when the news is bad. I have my glasses and I've sent the broken pair back to you already. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience!!!!

Carolyn N.

I am so pleased with your service. The order I placed Friday has already been delivered to my home. Your prices are unbeatable. I will definitely tell more people about you!!!!

Wendy S.

Thanks Shannen, you guys are great. I really like to do repeat business with companies that I've had a good experience with. I'll go online and place my order this morning. I appreciate your fabulous customer service.

Kathy F.

I just wanted to thank you for getting my order to me so fast, it's like I have a new pair of glasses. I also wanted to let you know that you have a great product and great customer service thanx again and keep up the great work.

Lupe R.

Wanted to let you know that I'm VERY happy with the prescription sunglasses I purchased from Sporteyes earlier this year. I first ordered Rudy Project Keja 63, despite a warning from your optician Shannen that the lenses would be thick and may have a lot of distortion because my prescription is so strong. She was right, and I had to send them back to exchange for Rudy Project Kyodo Xebeo, which Shannen helped me choose to minimize the likelihood of distortion. The Xebeos are fabulous, no distortion at all. Thanks. I've been recommending you guys to everyone I talk to who's looking for sunglasses. Tip o the hat to Shannen as well. She did a great job advising. William K.

William K.

Thanks so much for the excellent service. I am impressed with the speed with which my order was processed, the unbeatable FedEx delivery, and of course with the quality of the Rudy Project glasses which I chose. I knew I had picked a quality product the moment I saw how well packaged they were from the manufacturer. Opening the box and trying the glasses only confirmed what I had already figured out. The quality of this product combined with the efficiency of your service and FedEx shipping will likely equal a repeat customer.


After reading an article in Junior Baseball magazine about the importance of protective eyeware, I searched the internet for glasses or goggles that protected against UV and injury, that were affordable, and – because it was for my 12-year-old son – stylish. How lucky I was to come across! My order was quickly processed and I was kept informed of the shipping process every step of the way. Today, the glasses arrived safe & sound. Thanks, again. I am recommending that the rest of our team get these same glasses from

Otto R.

I just wanted to thank you for being so prompt with shipment, which only took two days! I was intimidated by the frequent warnings that shipment wouldn't start for up to a week and could then take as much as a week, but decided to stick with your company because I appreciated the in depth descriptions and information you made available on your website. In short, I was willing to pay more (in terms of time, as pricing was roughly the same as I found elsewhere) because I appreciated the time you put into building information and detail into the site. It made me feel as though I was dealing with a small business where one is guided by helpful staff as opposed to a circuit city experience where, if help is given by the completely untrained staff, it is worse than useless. This impression carries a lot of weight and I want to see to it that you get positive feedback!


Let me say right off the bat that I had serious misgivings about buying my Rudy Project Exception sunglasses on the Web and more so, because of the need for prescription inserts. However, after the first (of many) prompt and knowledgeable e-mail replies, I knew I had come to the right place. Not only does SPORT EYES "get it" in terms of an easy-to-navigate and information-rich site --- the customer service is exceptional. I must single out Shannen in particular. She is a gem. Apart from her invaluable knowledge and insights, she exhibited Job-like patience in quickly and professionally replying to the torrent of e-mails from this yet-to-be-formally-diagnosed obsessive. If SPORT EYES could come up with a way to bottle "essence of Shannen" and sell it to other commercial sites, it would give Internet commerce a major boost.I couldn't be more pleased with my glasses and SPORT EYES.


I just wanted your company to know that the Rec-Specs (RS Mantis) I received from SSE fit perfectly right out of the box. The vision through the Mantis is clearer and has less distortion than my regular corrective lenses from Lenscrafters. For now, I only wear my Rec-Specs on Sunday mornings at Church but I know some day I must get them dirty. But when that day comes and I walk onto that playing field, I will be confident that if I break anything else, it won't be my Rec-Specs. Incidentally, my physical therapist loves soccer but for all the wrong reasons. Take a free corner kick, I'm pushing business your way.

Kim W.

I am very pleased with receiving my two orders(9283916. 9221724), and very gratified at type and quality of those. First I some worry about delivering because of international ordering. Now I become found that there is no problem to buy sunglasses in your website. If I have to buy another things, I will visit to your site.

From Korea

I just wanted to say thank you very much. A Sight for Sport Eyes was a fast, convenient way to order prescription goggles. Your business was very professional in every way. My two sons who are competitive US swimmers love the goggles. They say that the Hilco goggle is much better than other non-prescription goggles that they've used even without the prescription (the suction around the eye cups, I think). My husband who swims for fitness also agrees with their assessment. They all also love being able to see while in the pool!

Anne Marie L.

I finally got my glasses yesterday after a very frustrating delay in South African Customs and slow service, if one could call it that from the Post Ofiice. Thank you for the good advice, great service and even better glasses. These (Panoptx) Boras are super comfortable and very cool! Thank you also for getting the prescription spot-on and in the frame of my choice, unlike some of your competitors, who said that it couldn't be done. Johan P. South Africa " I ride, therefore I am Hi Shannen, Some further feedback on 7 EYE Bora prescription sunglasses. Just finished 4042 km solo bike trip across South Africa, mainly through the more arid parts of the Karoo, Busmanland and the Kalahari. Glasses were absolutely great! No dried out eyes or any problems with any early morning or late afternoon glare from the sun.Glasses very light and comfortable on long stretches.


I am very pleased with my sunglasses. I will not hesitate to shop from your company online again, and I will let my friends know about you. Thanks again.

James S.

I received the helmet specs...thanks again for everything!!! Your service was top notch and the price was out of this world!!!! I wish you and your company all the best!!


I just ordered a pair through your website and credited you with salesman assistance. You should promote these glasses on birding and binoc astronomy forums, or at least embed some search parameters for binoc eyeglasses in your website (I had to do a lot of searching to find you). Could become a nice niche market for you. About half the eyeglass wearing binoc users hate removing there glasses (the other half just use long focal point binocs and never remove their glasses). As long as you mention this is not the correct solution for people with serious astigmatism, you should generate some additional sales.


We have received the Recspecs and they are great. I have been really impressed by the service from A Sight for Sports Eyes and would recommend you to other people. Your prompt replies to my queries have been reassuring and I`m sure we`ll use you in the future

Amanda D.

I wanted to thank you for taking care of the special order that I required. I appreciate that you went out of your way to keep a satisfied customer. I will definitely continue to tell my friends about my experience when discussing our eyeglass needs.


Shannen, First off we appreciate the assistance you provided with ordering the correct product. We received the prescription goggles were order earlier than expected. In fact it arrived two days before our son's divisional swim meet, so he had time to try them on and practice. He loves them. Great design and durability! He competed at the divisional swim meet wearing them and earned his best times for both his swim heats. When we congratulated him on breaking his previous records he replied "It's the new goggles." Thanks for producing a great product for such a reasonable price.

Gary & Melissa

A week ago tonight my son, Ethan, could have had some very serious skull injuries. I believe the only reason he avoided a skull fracture and a concussion was because he was wearing rec specs. My sons were taking turns pitching to each other. Ethan was taking his turn catching, and missed a 60 mph fast ball just above his catcher's mitt. The ball hit him square between the eyes--directly on the bridge of his rec specs. From all that my husband could see it appeared as if the glasses had shattered right off of his face. Naturally, my husband was worried about the cut between his eye brows and his massively bloody nose and took him to the ER, while I went out to the back yard to pick up what I imagined to be shattered pieces of glasses & lenses in the backyard before it got dark. When I went back to where Ethan had been crouching down to catch, I found the frames lying in the grass perfectly intact with only a tiny scratch to show from the fast ball, and the lenses, without a scratch on them, had merely popped right out. Not a thing was broken. I am convinced that the nosepiece padding on the rec specs absorbed most of the blow, and saved him from being seriously injured. Clearly these glasses were designed with the utmost safety in mind. Ethan has had poor vision his whole life, but has played football, basketball, and baseball since he was 5 years old. He has had his rec specs for 4 years, and has worn them for every one of those sports. Luckily we have never had to experience an injury of this magnitude till now, and I have been encouraging all parents who have kids who need to wear glasses for sports to get rec specs. I would endorse this product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....!

Julie M.

Wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. The glasses arrived, they are perfect and stylish. Your customer service was excellent. My daughter's soccer team will all want a pair, and of course I will recommend your company!

Michelle W.

I wanted a versatile pair of sunglasses for all the things I do running, cycling, hiking, climbing & skiing when I can. The Polar 3Fx Zyons in matt black are exceptional in every way from their coverage, through visual quality to build quality. I'm completely happy with them." Please also add the following to your testimonial section. "Dealing with SportEyes went exactly as it should have in this day and age. From ordering, to feedback about the shipping process and finally, delivery. Even internationally. I'd certainly deal with them again"

David A.

Just wanted to say thanks. You have been without exception the most pleasurable online purchase experience I have had. Such quick responses to all my queries that I was able to quickly make a decision about what I wanted and you made it happen. I have made two orders through you and they won't be the last.


As an ex production manager I have to say how impressed I have been by your operations efficiency, despite the minor challenge here. You deserve every success. The website is well organised, has all relevant information, good products in a niche market. Customer service orientation is world class, as I have seen through the willing correction of the fabrication problem.

Ian R.

Thank you for the excellent customer service and the quick processing of my order. I play racquetball and love my Bolle Parole RX sport goggles, but my old goggles were at least ten years old and needed to be replaced. My new goggles arrived today, just in time for my match. I will certainly recommend your website to anyone interested in sports goggles, etc.

Bill K.

Thanks so much. The lenses arrived this afternoon and were here when I got home from work. They are what I hoped they would be. I had cataract surgery over the past three weeks with multifocal (RESTOR) implants. At 74, my eyesight is where it was at 34. I removed the polarized progressive bifocals from the glasses and replaced them with with the impact photopolar grey lenses. I can't wait to get to Cape Cod this weekend prepared for some fishing under changeable light conditions. I appreciate your care and great service. A Sight for Sport Eyes is at the top of my list. Ken N. Also, a post script after vacation. The lenses were all that I had hoped for and more. Great for driving, fishing, and biking -- all around. The photopolar feature adapted to every condition. My eyes were never felt tired or strained. Thanks, again. Ken N.

Ken N.

The glasses are perfect, and you were the only company I could find who would make them. Thanks so much.

Brian F.

I got both goggles yesterday. I want to let you know how pleased I am with the service you provide. We get so many compliments for the goggles and I feel safe for my kids when they are playing soccer.

Jordan L.

Your customer service is amazing for an online retailer. Truly. I really appreciate it! It's a lot of money to spend on something that's very important for our seven year old and I appreciate you holding my hand on all of my questions.

Tracy T.

I just purchased a pair of prescription goggles for my 4 year old daughter from you last week. And I just wanted to thank you for shipping them so quickly. She had swimming lessons today and they arrived in my mailbox this morning. Also, they fit her perfectly and work wonderfully. I just can't thank you enough for making these so affordable and easily available. I called to get some from the eyewear store we use and would've had to pay $200+ for them. Her prescription is a +7, and we've spent so much money on her glasses and eye appointments in the last couple of months. These meet her needs and the price was great. To have her swimming today and seeing perfectly was just beautiful to watch. So again, thank you so much!

Clair T.

Shannen, my sons goggles came in the mail this week and they fit him perfectly!!! He said "mommy I can see!!" He's so excited that he doesn't have to worry about the goggle fitting over his glasses and it being uncomfortable. Thanks again for being do patient and kind.

Wendy S.

I have ordered from your sight in the past and wanted to let you know I have written a recommendation for your business on my website ( KickStart Fitness is a fitness, health and nutrition site.

Danielle F.

Thank you very much for my Hilco Zoom sport googles with prescription. They're great! I really appreciated the time your phone rep took in handling multiple calls from me and helping me get my prescription information to you correctly.

Eric S

Thank you, by the way, you get an A++++++++++++ for customer service!

Kevin E.

Thank you for helping me with my order. I needed glasses that would fit well under a full-face helmet and Shannen suggested the Wiley-X Romer II. I needed a frame that could hold up to being worn in a tight fit and still offer comfort and good peripheral and downward vision. I ordered it with a clear lens and anti-fog coating. Rode a few hundred miles this weekend with Romer II under my helmet and it was no problem. Better for me than contacts for sure. Very pleased with my order.

Erik K.

Hello and Thank You for the chance to say a few words about AS4SE...unlike most I found this company a couple years prior to my deployment to Iraq...the service and attention to detail we in the Military would love to see is always there..after a couple of years wearing my Rudy Perception flip up lens and back in the beginning was all that was offered for such a strong prescription as mine but I couldn't have been in better hands...When I got down range for OIF 06-07 I was in a bad way for several things and sense I was a gunner in Gun Truck 1...Convoy Security was the #1 most dangerous job in Iraq...I needed parts and extra lenses to try and gain an edge during the day and night...the Laser Black with the mirror type face I was able to wear because they were prescription...the Army provided plenty of glasses..Wiley X's and Oakley's but the double protection I got from the lens and the insert was the best I could get...and of course a name change and I was now wearing RB3's and if you were going to Iraq wouldn't you want the best for your body...the extras they gave me and the shipment to me to APO address's in Iraq was the best...I have always trusted this company and that means allot because we don't trust anybody...when you go from the bright light of the village road I never had to remove my glasses...hands full no problem...and when keeping your hands on your weapon means everything these are the best...flip up and down with a finger...The easy thing to say is Shannen has been there for me for over 10yrs and she was never afraid to call or write if she saw a problem and a solution...Thanks to her I was well protected and as blind as I am I can use all the help I can get...LOL...Thank You Ma'am for your kindness and for always taking care of the troops...your a Military friendly company and I have passed your site on to others over seas and here at home...when they see my Rudy's they are hooked and ready to come your way...Thanks for always being there for me when I needed help the most...when the bullets are flying and IED's are going off...Be Safe and Bless you and your Family

Eric S.

I wanted to let you know the goggle inserts arrived in good shape. I took them out onto the slopes here in Tahoe today. They are awesome! I appreciate you taking the time to help me navigate the selection and buying process. I communicated with several merchants but you won my business thanks to your quick and knowledgeable answers to my questions. It also helped that your company also offered the most competitive pricing. Thanks again for being so helpful! God Bless...


Hello! I just received my Sport Eyes today and they exceed my expectations! They arrived much quicker than I expected. The customer service was amazing and everything arrived exactly as advertised. I got them before my big tournament, which will help me take my game to another level. Also, my wife really loves your company name. she thinks it is very clever. Thanks again and I am a very satisfied customer!! Yeah!!!

Dwayne D.

Hello! I just wanted to take the opportunity to write back about the Bolle Bumpy Ski Goggles (with prescription lens). First, thank you for doing a great job and getting it on time. My wife (petite, mid 20's) has a small face fit, and they fit excellently. I was concerned about ordering them without trying them out, but it seems the risk was worth it. They look great, and the prescription lens are spot on. She can see very well with them, and will not have to be fumbling around with OTG goggles. We will see about their longevity in Colorado next week. Thank you for your communication and your time. We totally appreciate it.

Abel S.

Thank you, my son's rec specs are fantastic and I especially wanted to thank you for handling my return so great. I ordered the wrong size and you guys took them back and got a new pair sent out quickly. As for the product, my son is a 12 year old catcher in LL and loves the goggles. I think this is the 4th pair we have ordered from you and there is no one else we will use. He does not have any problems with them and he uses them for basketball and flag football too.

Joe O.

Thank you for asking about the product I purchased from you just recently. I am not an easy person to please , being extra exigent upon myself and the job I do. The Smith goggles with the prescription glasses you sold to to me are a wonderful product. I do alpine skiing and for years I just could not get free of fogging to a point that i contemplated giving up the sport altogether. I takes a few rides to adjust to the settings, that being the glasses farther from my eyes than what I am used to, but after that is done, they are amazing!!! I must commend your optics department because the prescription glasses are very well set, my vision is clear even with my high prescription. I normal y use bifocals but I do not need them with these beauties you sent to me. I rarely use the little fan mounted on them, and when I do, it takes a few seconds for the fogging to disappear, maybe I overdress? These goggles changed mi skiing for sure. Now I can see )) The whole experience with your company was fantastic, from the moment I placed the order, the times I chatted online with your personnel and the time it took for the goggles to arrive here in Canada. I have already recommended your services to a couple of friends of mine. Thanks again.

Juan Carlos

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that these googles are the best!! And your customer service is amazing. We went skiing (not the year for it on the east coast but we and Maine persevered!) and all the instructors were saying how awesome the googles were and how nicely made (they were for my son so he took some nice falls). We highly recommended your company and you’ve got a repeat customer in us! Thanks & happy holidays!

Gail C.

Here is what I have to say about the glasses. I am a professional golf caddie and have been wearing Peak Visions for 10 years now,although this is my first prescription lenses. The job you all did was top shelf in my opinion. Everything was professionally done from beginning to end. I highly recommend you all to others. Thank you for such a pleasant experience.

Ham B.

I just wanted to send an email with a heartfelt thank you! I called on a Friday in a panic. After numerous scratched corneas it was either football goggles or he could not play! I searched frantically on the Internet and came across your website. I called up and dealt with the most amazing customer service ever! She had the goggles converted to the sports package and shipped them for Next day Saturday delivery so he could wear them Saturday afternoon! This story goes further as we discovered he also has an allergy to turf and with the goggles him and his eyes are fully protected! Thank you so much for an extremely thankful mom!

Joan I

I want to compliment your company for the excellent customer service you provided resolving issues with my order. I will be sure to recommend your services to my skier friends.

Jean Louise

Re sale # 47226 Just a short note to thank you guys for the speedy process in delivering the Julbo Explorer XL glasses with my prescription to me earlier than expected. A great surprise.

Howard Bull

Just wanted to tell you all that the bridge for my safety glasses were correct and I would recommend you to everyone that uses them. On a scale of 1 to 10, you guys get a 12!

Paul B

I have +7.75 prescription. Most places do not recommend an insert for this strength. My prescription changes often & I don't want to spend $400-$500 for an 8 day trip, for a mask that I would only be able to use for this one trip. A Sight for Sport Eyes was the only company I could find who was willing to work with me. I never knew that I should be able to see so well while swimming. These inserts are reasonably prices & I can see. Customer service is fantastic, which is hard to come by these days.

Debbie Wright

I wanted to say the personalized service I received from Sport Eyes was tremendous! I have a strong prescription, and getting prescription sunglasses is not always easy. The help I got to get the right frame and make the prescription work well in it was excellent! They identified some frames that would work, and ordered them to test in their shop. After picking out a pair they made sure the wrap wasn't too severe so I wouldn't have extreme warping issues at the edges. They also suggested a tint and coating that was good for sun & shadows. I had planned to use these on my motorcycle, inside my helmet, and they work so well for that. I have an integrated shade in the helmet but I don't use it now that I have these sunglasses!


So due to the coronavirus situation yesterday was the first day I got to “test drive” my new glasses on the lake. They are absolutely fantastic and the script is PERFECT (actually better than my regular sunglasses)…. Thanks for all your help/advise and the great product. You are now my go to place for sunglasses.


I just wanted to send an Email saying I received the glasses and they were exactly what I was looking for. Even with a small delay from the Covid-19 lock down, they were perfect. I’ve worn some form of Gargoyle sunglasses for nearly 20 years. The last several years I have worn the Flux model. The prescription version is nearly indistinguishable from the original version and includes all the features I liked in the original. Just wanted to say think you during a trying time for our country.


Thank you for replacing my Barracuda Goggle's. You have been really helpful to work with, responding quickly to my concerns and honoring your warranty with no questions asked.! I am very pleased with both pairs of goggles. They fit well, are stylish and the amber tinted ones really wake up the water on a grey day. I swim for exercise and fun in Penobscot Bay in Midcoast Maine. You were recommended to me by an Israeli swimmer and I have told all my swimming friends about your company. Keep up the good work!


Aside from the wrong glasses being sent originally,Sporteyes went above and beyond to fix my order. I couldn't be more happy with the Panoptx Cape transitions/progressive glasses that I bought. I have surfers eye and without these essential glasses I wouldn't be able to go outside without my eyes watering constantly. I get many compliments on my glasses and I always highly recommend to people. Your services are very appreciated and I am very greatful to everyone who helped me.The lab did an awesome job. Thank you all so very much!


I just want to thank you for the swim goggles that I ordered and received. And I thank you so much for the refund you gave me due to the delay of the order. That was very thoughtful of you to do that on your own initiative. What great professionalism and true customer service! It will be my honor to highly recommend you to my swimming friends! All blessings on you all!

Cathie Stivers

My son swims year round and loves the prescription swim goggles we get through Sport Eyes. They are very affordable compared to other sites and brands I have looked at. He says they do not leak and they don't fog. The swim shop at our pool only sells prescription goggles for nearsightedness and my son is farsighted. Every time we have had a problem with an order, the customer service has been great to deal with. Very friendly and helpful.


Six months ago, I bought Rudy Project glasses with clear photochromic prescription lenses. The process was easy - I provided my prescription without the PD that optometrists annoyingly refuse to provide. Very quickly, I received a trial pair of glasses for marking my PD and returned the measurements. Then, faster than expected I got my prescription glasses which were more perfect than any I've ever had from anywhere else. I had never realized how badly others (the usual suspects) were messing up the fabrication of my lenses, and I would never have believed that an online merchant would do so much better. Plus, A Sight for Sport Eyes gets high marks for volunteering a sizable discount that I didn't know I could take at the time of checkout. Going forward, I will always trust A Sight for Sport Eyes with my prescription eye protection needs.


I purchased the Hilco OG-240s Frame last year. They fit nicely. They're little weight. But!!! There is one downside, with constant use in hot environments the silicone breaks down. Other then that, I like them.


I leave very few reviews for products, but I received my 7eye and WX sunglasses (with progressive lenses) and I am so happy with the products. I have a damaged right eye that has gone through 3 cornea transplants and this is the first pair of sunglasses I have bought that truly keeps the wind out and is prescription. This is a game changer for me and my ability to still do my outdoor activities like boating and bike riding. Great customer service and product!


I leave very few reviews for products, but I received my 7eye and WX sunglasses (with progressive lenses) and I am so happy with the products. I have a damaged right eye that has gone through 3 cornea transplants and this is the first pair of sunglasses I have bought that truly keeps the wind out and is prescription. This is a game changer for me and my ability to still do my outdoor activities like boating and bike riding. Great customer service and product!


I worked with a customer service agent, who was very helpful, in ordering a prescription dive mask for farsightedness and bifocals. I received my new mask quickly and immediately tried it on. It seemed to me that the prescription was off. When I called customers service, they explained that the prescription takes into account the refraction of the water. I would have never thought of that. They said to try it in the water and if I had any issues they would make it right. Well, they were correct. This mask is amazing. I took it on a dive in the Bahamas and was thrilled to be able to see all the details of the reef and wildlife and be able to read my gauges. Thank you very much for your help and for a quality product. I am excited to being able to use this mask in the future. I just wish I had done this a long time ago.

Mark D.

I am so impressed with the customer service I received when ordering my prescription swim goggles. I had ordered them somewhat last minute before a vacation and didn't expect to receive them before I left for my trip. I received an email and phone call telling me that the goggles I had chosen couldn't be ready in time for my trip, but if I was willing to switch styles, they could be shipped in time. I was so happy and impressed that such as effort was made to contact me; it would have been easy to ship my original request knowing they wouldn't make it to me in time. My goggles are great! I could see everything very clearly while snorkeling and in the pool. I couldn't be happier with my experience and also my goggles! Thank you!

Emily D'Angelo

I wanted to thank you for my wonderful swim goggles and the exceptional customer care you provided me!  I was blown away when I received a personal phone call as well as an email telling me the original goggles I wanted to purchase wouldn't be available before I left for my trip, but an alternative pair could arrive in time.  You easily could have sent me my original pair and not worry about the arrival time, but you went above what was expected to contact me.  I am so glad you did!  I wore my swim goggles every day when I was on vacation; the worked so well!  The seal around my eyes was great.  I used them for snorkeling and could see perfectly, and also enjoyed being able to see well in the pools.  I have already referred your company to some of my friends.   Thank you so very much for your wonderful service and products; I will certainly not hesitate to place another order as needed and refer your company every chance I can!


Thank you for all of your professionalism, timeliness and quality during my recent purchase of glacier glasses. I realize that my requirements were quite specific and somewhat demanding. Throughout the entire process from initial contact to final delivery, your attention to detail was fantastic. Perhaps more importantly, the final product exceeded my expectations and I have now been wearing these outstanding Julbo glacier glasses throughout Greenland for the past 3 weeks. During that time I have received a great deal of positive feedback as well as inquiries about where this type of glasses can be purchased. As a result I have passed on your contact information to about 10 individuals Attached is an image of your glasses at work in the field on a somewhat overcast day in Greenland and we will be transferring our operations to the Canadian high Arctic over the next few days. All the very Best Regards; PWD


I have ordered prescription swim goggles from Sports Eyes foe many years. I made an error on my order this year. They caught it, informed me and corrected so I got the goggles I wanted. They went the extra step to make sure I received what I wanted.

Bob Schultz

A Sight For Sore Eyes customer service was outstanding. Over the course of my order, multiple representatives helped me every step of the way, and I even spoke to their very patient optometrist which I latter learned was the owner and founder of the company.

Joseph Nerone

My son used the lenses in his ski googles in Big Sky, MT. They worked like a charm! Will buy again for future adventures! Great company and fast shipping.

Jill P

About a Sight For Sport Eyes

For 25 years,

A Sight for Sport Eyes has been recognized as one of the leading experts in the sports eyewear market. We have a wide selection of sports goggles and sunglasses available at all price levels to fit all budgets, most of which are available with optional prescription lenses.

We offer cutting edge technology in our prescription lenses, including Transitions, Polarized, and Trivex materials, all made from high quality manufacturers such as Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, and NXT. In addition, digital free form technology, the most advanced lens technology in the industry which allows for a wider field of vision than traditional edged lenses, is available for most of our sports glasses or with most manufacturer direct lenses.

We also pride ourselves on superior customer service. Emails are responded to within one business day and we now offer Skype video service as an option after the sale so we can troubleshoot any issues you have to better serve you. This way we can give you the same customer serivice you would get if you came into our brick and mortar store. Try to find that elsewhere online.



Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.


Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.