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Sporteyes Corporate Safety Eyewear Program

Customized Safety Eyewear Plans Tailored Specifically for Your Company:


Here at A Sight for Sport Eyes, we're committed to enhancing workplace safety through our Corporate Safety Eyewear Program.  We can help you protect your employees following OSHA guidelines by outfitting employees with the proper ANSI Z87.1 rated eyewear.  With our Corporate Safety Eyewear program, we will tailor a program specifically for your company. Whether you want us to come to your location, or want employees to be able to order online, we can customize the program to fit your needs.  

We offer simple, cost-effective solutions to provide high-quality prescription safety glasses to your employees. We understand budget considerations and allow you to set coverage amounts per employee to fit your financial plan. Additionally, we provide exceptional customer service, and we offer a special coupon code that allows your employees and their families to purchase from us at a discounted price.

With flexible billing options, we can tailor the safety program to meet your needs. 

Investing in the right safety eyewear isn't just about compliance; it's about the well-being of your employees. By prioritizing comfort and protection, you can significantly impact productivity and job satisfaction.

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Safety eyewear process






Easy 5 step process for you and your employees:


Our simple 5 step process makes it easy for you to admister the plan and for employees to order their eyewear. 

Employees can either come to our physical showroom, we can come to your location (if in the Portland Metro area), we can send you samples to keep in your offices, or employees can order online by looking at our catalogs. We then get measurements, fill out the order form online.  The invoice is sent to you and to the employee for their share (for upgrades, etc.).  We make the glasses, test them for safety, and then mail them out directly to the employee.  

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Lines we carry:

We carry a wide variety of quality brand name  frame at varying price points.  Ranging from more fashionable designs that can go from dress to work with removeable side shields, full seal goggle options, and even non-conductive options if needed.  The frame lines eligible for our safety program are here: 

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Safety eyewear







Safety Eyewear Frame Selection and Fitting:

We have several different options you can employ for your safety program.

On Site or In store Fittings:

If you are in the Portland Metro or Bend Metro areas, A Sight for Sport Eyes Opticians can come to your plant or worksite once or twice a year for fittings.  This streamlines the process for maximum efficiencey.  This allows employees to see frames in person, and our professional opticians can take all the proper measurements for the glasses including PD's and Seg Heights (for progressives).  We can recommend frames that best fit with the employee's needs and face shape, and employees can test the product for fit and comfort.  

Or you can send your employees to our local showroom to order their safety eyewear.  We can do all the proper fitting and measurements.

Online Ordering:

If you are not local, or have multiple locations, your employees can still utiilze our safety eyewear program by ordering online. We can do this in two ways.  We can send a "sample box" of the most popular frames (about 5 total) that you can have at your worksite for employees to try on.  We will include instructions on how they can measure themselves, or take to a local optical shop if they don't feel comfortable doing it themselves.  They can then use our online order form to order the glasses.  

If you want to offer a wider breadth of products to your employees, employees can check out our catalogs, pick what style they want, and we will send the frame to the employee to try for fit and get all the proper measurements.  They will then send the frame back with the printed order form.


Have employees locally and nationally?  We can create a hybrid of the above options for you as well.


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Simplified Billing

We offer simplified billing either with credit card payment or net terms. 

Tier Concept:  

Employees get a form with what options are covered and not covered by the employer.  If an employee wants a "higher" tier frame, lens or coatings, the pays out of pocket as “upgrades”.  Some companies have chosen to cover some upgrade like basic glare coating, fog, scratch, etc.  Some cover all frame levels, or some only cover certain frame levels.  We can work on tiers that make sense for you. 

Flat Rate Concept: 

With the flat rate concept, you decide a dollar amount that you will cover towards eyewear.  If the employee picks options above that dollar amount, they pay the rest. 


To get an idea of pricing, frames range from $40 to $200+ (typically the titanium flexible frames will get to that higher price point)

Lenses will range from $55 for single vision to $100 to $300 for progressives.

Volume discounts range from 10% to 30% depending on the size of your company. 

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Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.