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For a full list of lens description and technology, see Prescription information page

The prices quoted on this website apply to single vision prescription lenses (pair)  6.00 diopters or less with cylinder 2.00 or less.  What this means is that when you look at your prescription, you want to look at the first number across the OD/OS or Right/Left lines. If the first number is greater than 6.00 and/or the second number is greater than 2.00, your prescription will be subject to a power charge (see additional lens options below for power charges). 

The prices quoted also apply only to frames with a 6-Base curve or less. If the frame is a 7 or 8 base curve, and additional base curve charge of $20 will be added to your order. 7 or 8 base curve frames are designated by RX8 the frame description may also describe the frame as having a specific curvature. To add base curve as a charge in the shopping cart, see section below. Please note, high base curves due tend to create some distortion in higher prescription powers (usually spherical above -4.00 and cylindrical above -1.00) If you are very sensitive to distortion, select a lesser base curve frame. Wrap frames can be made at your own risk with most prescriptions, but they are not refundable if too much distortion is created by your prescription with the curvature. Check out our new Free Form lenses to minimize distortions. 

In order to properly fill your prescription, we don't need an actual copy written by your doctor, but if you are not sure how to read it, you are welcome to fax us a copy of the written prescription at 888-240-6551 or e-mail it to Or, you can just insert in the designated boxes in the shopping cart.  If you do not have your prescription available, you can give us your doctor's name and phone number and we can call and get the information for you. We also need PD (pupil distance) measurements to ensure prescription is made accurately. You can obtain your pupil distance from whomever fit your last pair of glasses. For more information on the PD, see our FAQ page.

Prescriptions are custom made products so they are not fully refundable. See return policy page for details. If the prescription is made wrong (our error) we will remake them at no charge within 30 days.

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Let all the latest information on Events, Sales, and Offers.