Angel Brand Sunglasses

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 Our Angel PFS (Prism Free System) European polycarbonate sun lenses are made from optical grade tooling producing an extremely consistent lens surface that are the ultimate in quality.  These ultra light, shatter resistant lenses offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation and exceed all ANSI standards for optical clarity and impact-resistance.  To top it all off, our lenses are coated with a scratch resistant hard coating which helps to extend the life and performance of the lens.

Cast CR-39 lenses:  Our ophthalmic Allyl-Diglycol Carbonate Plastic Lenses are 1/2 the weight of conventional glass lenses and offer a significantly higher degree of shatter resistance than glass.   CR-39 lenses allow for uniformly consistent solid and gradient color and reduce reflections better than glass.  They provide 100% UVA and UVA protection.

Polarized Polycarbonate:  When light strikes a smooth surface such as water, sand, snow or a pane of glass, it begins to vibrate horizontally or right to left.  This horizontal light wave is called "glare".  A polarizing filter allows only vertical light waves to enter 

through the lens thus eliminating glare.  Our polarized lenses offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays and filter out 99% of reflected glare. The final result is enhanced visual acuity and reduced eye fatigue.

Grilimid:  Grilimid is one of the highest grades of nylon.  It is lightweight, strong, flexible material used in injection molding.  Frames made of Grilimid can be subjected to extreme temperatures and takes a beating well.

Cellulose Propionate (CP):  CP is injected, very lightweight molded plastic.  It is colored by dyeing under controlled heat and is adjusted by using heat or a wire core.

Acetate (Zyl):  Zyle frame material is most commonly used for optical quality frames.  Frames made of zyl are handmade and have brilliant finishes.  Zyl frames are heavier than most plastic materials; however, they are extremely comfortable.  Zyl can be made into any shape and color.

Warranty:  One year warranty against all manufacturer's defects.

Features and Benefits:
100% UV Protection.  Decentered lenses offsets viewing area to enhance visual acuity.  Scratch resistant coating.  Wire core temples to adjust for a custom fit.  Optical quality barrel hinges for long lasting smooth open and closing action.  Rxable.