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Barracuda Silicone Swim Cap

Barracuda Swim Accessories

  • Barracuda Silicone Swim Cap Barracuda Silicone Swim Cap
  • Barracuda Hot Head Cap Barracuda Hot Head Cap
  • Barracuda Swim Fins Barracuda Swim Fins
  • Barracuda Body Gel Barracuda Body Gel
  • Barracuda Shampoo and Conditioner Barracuda Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Barracuda Defogger Barracuda Defogger
  • Barracuda Goggle Case Barracuda Goggle Case
  • Barracuda Latex Cap Barracuda Latex Cap
  • Barracuda Nose Clip Barracuda Nose Clip
  • Barracuda Ear Plugs Barracuda Ear Plugs
  • Barracuda Hand Paddles Barracuda Hand Paddles
  • Barracuda Pull Buoy Barracuda Pull Buoy
  • Barracuda Kickboard Barracuda Kickboard

Barracuda Swim Accessories

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Defogger:non-irritating solution balanced to the same PH as the human eye. Assures clear vision.

Earplugs: Moldable silicone putty. Hypoallergenic, safe, easy to use.

Nose Clip: Designed with soft silicone pads to offer an ultra-comfortable fit with a flexible plastic clip for multi-size fitting. Each noseclip comes with a handy carry case for easy, hygienic storage.

Crush Resistant Goggle Case: Protect your investment.  Fits all Barracuda swim goggles.  (Positive Pressure goggles fit with strap zipped outside)

Help reduce drag for maximum speed.

Silicone Cap:Help reduce drag for maximum speed.

Hothead Cap:: A thermal layer for hypothermia protection, plus an adjustable chin strap for comfort makes this cap ideal for distance and triathalon training. (30% of body heat lost during swimming is lost through the head).

Aquia Shampoo: De-chlorinating shampoo strips harmful chlorine while conditioning the hair.  Prevents discoloration and breakage.
Aquia Body Gel:
Showering body gel strips chlorine and removes pool odor.

Hand Paddles:  The BARRACUDA Hand Paddle is made from tough, lightweight thermoplastic material. The ergonomic design fits the hand perfectly and molds the hand to the prime kinesthetic position for swimming. The hand paddle increases resistance, thereby, increasing shoulder and upper arm load. The easy fit strapping system is simple and effectively holds the paddle in place.


Additional Information

Prescription PriceNo
Accessories PriceNo
Prescription Range Sphere PowerNot Available
Prescription Range Cylinder PowerNot Available
Frame MaterialNo
Frame Color/Lens ColorNo
Safety RatingNo
Interchangeable LensesNo
Base CurveNo

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