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5 Effective Ways to Stop Your Glasses and Goggles from Fogging

Goggle with fog on it

As glass wearers ourselves, we understand that fogging up of glasses is a nuisance no one wants


It’s like trying to bat away a bee with a handkerchief - plain annoying. Not only that, foggy sports glasses can make your experience of doing anything sport-related irritating and demoralizing. 


For sports enthusiasts, having clear eyesight is crucial during sports activities, and fogging must be tackled to ensure a safe and uninterrupted game. If you’re wondering how to keep glasses from fogging, we are here to present you with some simple solutions to ensure that. 


Let us begin by understanding what fogging exactly is. 


Understanding Fogging


a image of goggle with fogg

So what exactly is fogging? Simply put, it is the condensation that obscures our vision when we are wearing glasses or goggles. It happens when microscopic water droplets collect on lens surfaces, preventing vision during key moments. 


The basic principles of condensation lead to fogging. Warm, humid air cools rapidly on contact with colder surfaces, like sports eyeglass lenses. This causes water vapor to condense into visible droplets, resulting in mist or fog on the lens surface. 


Let us now look at some of the major factors that affect fogging: 


1. Body Heat and Eyewear: Body heat plays a crucial part in fogging. Heat is produced through physical exertion, which raises the temperature within the glasses. This increases the force of the heated air's contact with the colder lens surfaces. 


2. Environmental Factors: Weather is one of the main factors that affect fogging. For instance, in low temperatures during winter, your glasses are likely to chill well below your body temperature, causing fog. 

Even if the weather is warmer, but high in humidity, foggy sports glasses are still likely. 

Likewise, during rain, it is common for water to fall directly onto your glasses, both cooling down the lenses and creating a smudgy, opaque fog.  


But you might ask, how dangerous is fogging?


There is no denying that fogging is a Safety Hazard.


View of the road with fogg

The uncomfortable and disorientating nature of your foggy sports glasses can be a serious safety hazard. Sometimes, the irritation may be so intense that you decide to remove your sports glasses or goggles for relief. This leaves your eyes more vulnerable to injury.


Most of the nearly 30,000 sports-related eye injuries treated in the US every year were a result of a lack of protective eyewear. The American Academy of Ophthalmology states sports glasses could prevent 90% of serious eye injuries. 


How to Stop Your Glasses from Fogging During Sports



a man with goggles in snow

Now that we are aware of the dangers posed by fogging, let us look at some solutions for this. 


Here are some tips and methods to help you with this issue: 


1. Invest in Anti-Fogging Sports Eyewear


Man wearing bicycle Goggle

Thankfully, there is a wealth of anti-fog sports glasses and goggles available to sports enthusiasts. Top anti-fog eyewear is distinctive for the use of fog-resistant lenses and a hydrophobic coating to repel water and sweat. 


Also, anti-fog eyewear designed with vents to enable air to move freely is recommended, especially for ski or snowboard fans. 


Limitations: Unfortunately, there are some limitations as well. For instance, at times the system cannot defog glasses as fast as the fog builds up, causing a delay


Our Recommendations


Many sports eyewear promise anti-fogging but do they really live up to that feature? To help erase your doubts while you shop, here are some of the best anti-fogging sports eyewear tested and loved by athletes all around the world.


  • Raleri Ripper Offroad Goggles

Raleri Ripper Offroad Goggles

If you’ve been planning to go offroading, we’ve got the perfect pair of goggles for you.  The Raleri Ripper Offroad Goggles are equipped with FogStop antifog optical distortion-free lenses, which offer clear vision in any weather conditions. Moreover, they come with rugged multilayer mirror coatings for a touch of style. S, whether you are biking in the dunes or alpines, fogged-up vision won’t be a worry anymore. 


  • SL Nordik Viking Heated Ski Goggle


SL Nordik Viking Heated Ski Goggle

Foggy vision can pretty much ruin your entire skiing experience. When you are looking for fog-free ski goggles, in-frame ventilation is of utmost importance. That is exactly what the SL Nordik Viking Heated Ski Goggle offers. With a heated lens design and efficient ventilation, fog will be a thing of the past while you ski. 


2. Use Anti-Fog Spray


View of mountains under the fog

Secondly, anti-fogger spray for glasses is a quick and effective fix.  Easy to use and often inexpensive to purchase, anti-fog spray can be carried in your bag and used when you feel your lenses need a clean. 


With a quick splash and wipe of the lenses, the sprays work very quickly on concentrated target areas of your glasses.


Limitations: The main problems with anti-fog sprays are that the effect doesn’t last very long and regular spraying is often required. Also, you need to make sure you are using a defogger specifically made for glasses or goggles. If you use something made for cars, for instance, it will ruin the coatings on lenses. 


Make Any Eyewear Fog-Free with The Hilco Anti-Fog Combo Kit


Hilco Anti-Fog Combo Kit

Don’t want to invest in new eyewear? Turn your old glasses fog-free with this Anti-fog Combo Kit by Hilco. You may choose from the 5g squeeze tube or the 10g brush applicator, ensuring you have the perfect amount for every application. Spread a generous amount over your sunglasses, sports glasses, or safety eyewear, and get fog-free vision wherever you are. 


3. Get Your Glasses Adjusted


a man holding his glasses

Make sure the fit of your sports glasses is not overly snug to improve airflow and lessen the likelihood of fogging. This is because the closeness to your face decreases the amount of air able to flow through and blow away heat and moisture. 


Therefore, if you’re buying new sports specs, look for adjustable nose and arm pieces to fit your face shape and features.


Our Recommendations


Not all eyewear options in the market may be adjusted. Therefore, if you plan on getting a pair of goggles that do not fog up your vision, ensure that they come with adjustable pieces. Here are some of our recommended products that ensure zero fogging with adjustments.


LS Rec-Specs F8 Sport Shift XL Sports Glasses/Goggles

LS Rec-Specs F8 Sport Shift XL Sports GlassesGoggles

Designed with ShokBlokR™ technology and endpiece cutouts, these glasses ensure ventilation and keep moisture out of the frames. Whether you are sweating or playing water sports, moisture-induced fog won’t be an issue anymore.  Additionally, these goggles also block out UV light, so it gives you the best of both worlds.


7Eye by Panoptx Aspen Sunglasses


 7Eye by Panoptx Aspen Sunglasses

If you’ve been dealing with dry eye syndrome, choose an eyewear that keeps your eyes hydrated while removing fog. These 7Eye by Panoptx Aspen Sunglasses have a patented AirShield foam, which prevents fog buildup in all environments. Moreover, it keeps your eyes hydrated while eliminating the negative impact of wind, dust, pollen, and other irritants.


4. Ensure Eyewear is Clean


 hand with a cleaning towel and goggles

A key factor in avoiding fogging is regular maintenance. Over time your glasses and goggles will attract little bits of dirt and a few scratches. However, by using wipes, or a bit of hot water and soap, to frequently clean away any remnants you can ensure your eyewear withstands fogging for much longer.


Anti-fog wipes are your safest option as they should not harm your glasses’ anti-glare or photochromic coatings.


5. Wear Appropriate Clothing and Accessories


a person enjoying snowboarding

Wearing the right attire during sporting activity can make a world of difference to both your sporting performance and eyewear fogging.


The key to anti-fogging is ensuring that air isn’t trapped around the face and that the temperature difference between it and the glasses doesn’t increase. 


It’s best to avoid piling on clothes around your head, neck, and anywhere else around the glasses. Striking a balance between protective clothing and proper ventilation is key. 




So there you have it, a list of all the methods through which fogging can be significantly reduced if not completely eliminated during physical activities. Any combination of these suggestions should make a noticeable improvement for you. Try out as many of these combinations as you like, then share your results with us! 


Check out our collection of anti-fogging eyewear and accessories, and embrace a more comfortable fit for your eyes. 

18 Mar 2024

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