Regular physical sports activity is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and is very fun. Therefore, most people do not tend to think about the possible risks associated with sports during play. Unfortunately, if you do not take adequate precautions, even some innocent physical activity or game may cause severe injury.

The eye, as an exposed organ, is particularly vulnerable to various kinds of injuries. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, sporting activity is a reason for more than 40,000 eye injuries every year. Nearly 30,000 cases require medical emergency services and even further professional treatment at hospital.

Sports Eyewear Offers Better Protection Than Contact Lenses

The most dangerous sporting activities

Some studies found that basketball is the leading cause of sports-related eye injuries in the United States. Estimates indicate that basketball caused almost 16 % of eye injuries between 1990 and 2012. The second most dangerous activity was baseball.

Other dangerous activities include racket sports, airsoft rifles, soccer, and field hockey. Cycling or running can lead to serious eye injuries.

This shows that sports-related eye injury is a big problem. the good news is that one in ten serious eye injuries can be prevented. Maybe, you are wondering - how can you do it? The answer is simple – protective sports eyewear.

Most sports require helmets or padding but rarely require eyewear. But the eyes and vision are one of the most important body parts for sports and should be protected whether you need vision correction or not.

The largest proportion of sports eye injuries occur in basketball

Prescription protective glasses or contact lenses

Eye health should be a priority for you during recreational or sporting activities. Using protective eyewear is one of the ways to protect the eyes.

What should you do if you have vision problems? The first thing you may consider is contact lenses. And many people do choose them for sports. They consider contact lenses cheaper, more comfortable and easier to use than regular glasses, especially in high-contact sports. Many athletes successfully combine contact lenses with sports goggles.

But have you ever worn prescription protective glasses? This eyewear is designed to protect your eyes and match your prescription for good vision on the field of play.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Here are 9 important reasons why prescription protective eyewear is better to wear during sporting activity than contact lenses:

Reason # 1. Dry eye

According to some recent studies, the sensation of dry eye is the most common problem for contact lens wearers. It is estimated that almost 40% of people who wear contact lenses report this, and 25% suffer from moderate to severe symptoms.

Dry eye is a problem for cold-weather athletes such as skiers or for players who should keep their eyes open without blinking, such as racket sports players or soccer goalkeepers.

In this case, the best solution is protective eyewear as it is not applied directly onto the eyes, and does not wipe their natural moisture. Contact lenses work as a shield to your eyes and make the conditions even worse.

Reason # 2. Sports performance

While participating in sports, you need good eyesight. Visual acuity and contrast sensitivity are the main factors affecting your performance outcomes.

Today we have contact lenses that may enhance vision in sports, but they cannot adapt to outer conditions like weather, including wind, sunlight, humidity. It is quite a serious factor for sports performance when you participate in cycling, long-distance running, cross-country skiing or hiking.

Protective eyewear is specially designed for such sports and helps you to enhance your performance and tailored uniquely to your vision needs.

Reason # 3. Comfort and fashion

Nowadays, protective eyewear is as comfortable and fashionable as never before. High-quality prescription sports glasses are made to provide you clearer vision. They have frames made of high impact nylon that offers grip and comfort. Paddling made of soft hypoallergenic material is designed for long-lasting protection and fit.

A correctly-sized pair of sports glasses, with adjustable strap, will stay on your face during the whole game and will not annoyingly slide down your nose.

Protective eyeglasses are an essential part of sportswear now. And being a stylish accessory, it will give you extra confidence on the athletic field.

Reason # 4. More safety

Prescription sports glasses provide better protection than contact lenses in many sports.

For example, you should not wear contact lenses in the swimming pool. Bacteria from water can easily contaminate your lenses and lead to infections. Whether you surf, jet ski or swim, prescription goggles are your best option to avoid harmful conditions.

When playing basketball, racket sports, or doing fencing, prescription eyewear may be a better solution than contact lenses because they are your eyes' first line of defense against being struck by balls or fellow competitors.

Reason # 5. No need to maintain

Protective glasses do not require much maintenance, but athletes who prefer contact lenses must carry cleaning solutions, storage boxes, eye drops, and an extra pair of lenses in their bags.

You save your time and money in the long run by choosing protective sportswear.

Reason # 6. Possible loss of contact lens

You may lose one contact lens during a game. It may cause a problem as you will have to stop playing and remove yourself from the area. Besides, you cannot re-locate your contact lens without cleaning it as it may introduce harmful pathogens to your eyes. To avoid this, you have to carry a cleaning solution and extra lenses in your sports bag. Nevertheless, it will take away crucial time and energy from your game.

Of course, you can lose your eyewear while playing, but it is much more difficult. Additionally, the impressive durability of today's impact resistant glasses mean that once you find them, you can likely dust them off and carry on playing.

Reason # 7. Redness in your eyes

Red eyes is a condition when the sclera or the white of your eye has become reddened. It can occur in one or both eyes. This condition can be associated with several symptoms like eye allergy, sensitivity to light or dust in the air, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, etc.

The condition is quite common and is faced by almost 20 % of contact lens wearers.

If you have such symptoms, it is better to remove your contact lenses (if you wear them) and wear glasses. The doctor will help you find out the cause of the problem and to prevent it.

By contrast, sports eyewear can protect your eyes from airborne allergens, dry air, dust, airborne fumes, chemical exposures (like chemicals in a swimming pool), and overexposure of sunlight.

Reason # 8. Hypoxia

The cornea gets its oxygen from the air. But the contact lenses sit on the top of the cornea and prevent the air supply. If your cornea does not get enough oxygen, hypoxia may occur. It is quite a serious condition when the cornea swells. This can be attributed to redness and mild eye pain while moving the eyeballs. Also, it can lead to cloudy vision. Hypoxia is more common in athletes who use extended-wear contact lenses, but some studies show that short-term lenses may cause hypoxia as well.

If it happens, you will be recommended to switch to eyeglasses. In some cases, your doctor will prescribe you a medicine to ease swelling and keep the condition from getting worse.

Reason # 9. Contact lenses intolerance

Some people are sensitive to contact lenses and cannot wear them. They feel a number of unpleasant conditions, including burning, itching, stinging, or pain in the eyes.

The problems can be an allergy or intolerance to contact lenses or material in the contact itself. If you change the solution and contact lenses, but you still have these feelings, it is better to protect your eyes in sports using prescription eyewear.

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