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Can You Play Football With Glasses?

A man with ball in hand

There is no lie in the fact that football is an intense sport. When you step out onto the field you’ve got to be prepared to be jostled around. Now, if you wear glasses, this isn’t the most comfortable place to be in. 


Let’s say someone collides with you and your glasses fall off your face. Or worse, you are tackled to the ground and the pressure breaks your eyewear. That wouldn’t be an ideal situation for someone who requires corrective vision, right?  This is where football eyewear can help protect players' vision while allowing them to play at their fullest ability.


The good news is that there are special glasses and goggles are available designed to help football players play without any vision or safety concerns. This blog will explain why regular glasses may not be safe for football and how sports eyewear can improve both performance and eye protection. Let's learn more about this topic.


Is It Possible To Play Football With Glasses? 


Peoples playing american football

Many people who wear glasses wonder if they can play football with their everyday eyewear. The answer is yes, but it's not recommended.


Your regular glasses are probably made for something other than sports. They could easily fall off or get knocked around on the field, preventing you from seeing well during and after play as you will no longer have regular eyeglasses to wear when you go home. They can also lead to injuries. If hit incorrectly, your glasses might also break, and the shards could hurt your eyes.


Rather than regular glasses, using "football goggles" provides a safer option. These goggles are specifically designed eyewear that stays secure during games. These goggles fit close to your face and don't fall off as easily. They also have thick, premium-quality lenses that are hard to break and meet the ASTM safety standards for ball sports. 


Some football players put on goggles even when they do not need glasses. Ian McKinley often wears sports goggles to avoid eye accidents. Football goggles allow players to look properly without risking glasses falling or breaking during the game. Goggles securely shield vision through any on-field action.


Why Wear Prescription Football Goggles Instead of Standard Glasses? 


Close image of ball and helmet

When playing football, it's important to have eyewear that can withstand the demands of the game. That's where prescription football goggles come in. Here's why they are a better choice than standard glasses:


Secure Fit

Football goggles have adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit on your face, even during intense physical activity. On the other hand, standard glasses rely on the support of their arms, which may not hold up well during the jostling and pushing on the field.


Impact Resistance

Football is a rough sport, and regular glasses may not be able to handle the pressure. Prescription football goggles are designed to be impact-resistant, offering greater protection for your eyes. Just like you wear pads to protect your body, sports goggles can help prevent glasses from getting damaged or causing injuries.



Prescription football goggles correct your vision according to your prescription and have anti-glare lenses, photochromatic lenses (adjust to different lighting conditions), and other features that enhance your vision on the field. These features are crucial for maintaining clear vision and focus during the game.



Football helmets have padding to guard against concussions and spinal injuries. Standard sports glasses with thick, bulky temples can be uncomfortable and might not be in shape well below the helmet. Prescription football goggles have slim or flexible sides designed to be helmet-friendly,  ensuring a comfortable and secure fit under a helmet.  Even normal sports glasses don’t fit comfortably under a helmet. You must have “helmet compatible” goggles for them to properly work with a helmet.


So, prescription football goggles provide a secure fit, impact resistance, clear vision, and compatibility with football helmets, making them a superior choice to normal glasses or standard sports goggles when playing the game. Do not let your eyewear prevent your overall performance on the ground. Pick prescription goggles for a more secure and enjoyable football experience.


For more details, check out our guide on how to select football goggles to ensure you get the right fit and protection.


Can I Wear Contact Lenses Instead? 


A person wearing contact lenses

Some footballers who need vision correction may wonder if they can wear contact lenses instead of glasses or goggles. Contact lenses allow clear vision without frames getting in the way. They are not the best option for football in the long run. Football season comes with a lot of rain, snow, and mud, and a lot of it might get kicked in your face, hence contact lenses will not make a good choice for football as debris could get lodged under the lenses and scratch the cornea.


Contacts are at risk of falling out during intense gameplay. Sudden movements, tackles, and collisions raise the chance of contacts getting dislodged from the eyes, which can impair vision on the field. Contacts also require regular maintenance, like cleaning and replacing. It may not be practical for footballers to keep putting and removing contacts before and after practice sessions or matches.


Protective sports goggles are a better choice than contacts. Goggles provide sturdy protection to the eyes from potential impacts or flying debris. Their wraparound design holds them securely in the area. Many goggle models additionally offer clear, wide-angle vision without fogging up which is important for a fast-paced game. On the whole, contacts may give you pain or problems, while goggles permit footballers to focus on their performance.


Play Football with Clear Vision and Safety with Sporteyes

Wearing regular glasses on the football field comes with risks like breaking or falling off during active play. However, sport-specific eyewear provides secure and reliable eye protection made for the demands of the game. Football glasses and goggles are built with durable materials that can withstand impacts while keeping vision protected. Secure temple designs ensure a comfortable fit under helmets too. Explore football glasses from our exclusive collection of sports eyewear. Get your favorite pair today!

18 Jun 2024

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