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How to Clean and Care for Swimming Goggles

 Image of swimming goggle with reflection

So, you’re all stretched and ready to jump into the swimming pool, maybe determined to break your personal best. But as soon as you enter the pool with a splash of energy, the first thing you notice is that your swimming goggles are dirty or hazy enough to reduce your visibility to near zero. Don’t worry, we have all been there at least once. 


Maintaining your goggles from incoming dirt can be both a tedious and crucially important task for all swimmers, as it’s not only helpful in making your swimming experience satisfying but also helps in increasing the lifespan of your goggles. You don’t want to change your goggles every other month now, do you? 


No need to scratch your head any longer. We have a simple step-by-step article on how to clean swimming goggles, helping you achieve your utmost swimming pleasure.


Damage Control Assessment 


Women dripping goggles inside the pool

To prevent the damage, you need to understand the damage in the first place. Exposure to chlorine, salt water, and other harmful chemicals can lead to cloudy-like haziness over your swimming goggles. Add your oils and sunscreens, and you have a recipe for disaster ready to execute. 


It's important to understand that such damages are inevitable but if you are aware of the reason behind the damage so caused, you can strategically implement a solid solution. Let’s understand them. 


How to Clean Your Swimming Goggles


Woman holding swimming goggles

Be honest, how many times have you procrastinated on cleaning your swimming goggles? After a long day of swimming, cleaning your eyewear might seem tedious. You probably give them a quick rinse and stuff them into your bag, right? Trust us, we’ve been there.


While skipping some steps feels like a big issue, it can turn into a bigger problem tomorrow. Leaking glasses and moldy eye cups aren’t worth the neglect. Cleaning your swimming glasses isn’t rocket science. You’ve just got to follow a few simple steps and voila! You’ve saved yourself from having to buy another pair.  


Immediate Rinsing 


The last thing you want to do is to keep your swimming goggles wet and untidy after your swimming session. It's important to understand that your swimming goggles are prone to catching various chemicals like chlorine, salt water, or any other chemical per se. So it is recommended to quickly rinse off your goggles after your swimming session so that no layer of chemicals is formed over the glasses. 


Deep Cleansing 


Despite practicing immediately rinsing, your goggles may still have some layer of chemical or dust left uncleaned. Therefore, to make your goggles last longer and perform better, it's important to undertake a deep cleansing method from time to time. 


It’s advised that you undertake the practice of rinsing your goggles with lukewarm water and dry them out by using a microfiber cloth. To clean the straps and adjustments, you can massage them with soap water and later rinse them off with clean water.

While cleaning the straps, be careful to not let the soapy water enter the lenses or gaskets of your goggles as that might remove the anti-fog coating over the glasses. 


Dry-Off Your Goggles 


Post-rinsing of your goggles or after a deep cleansing method, it is advised that you dry off your goggles. Doing so can help prevent any kind of deterioration and it's always best to use clean and dried glasses before an exciting swimming session.


It’s advised that you should avoid putting your goggles in direct sunlight, doing so can further deteriorate their quality. So, go easy on them and just make sure they are dried with a clean cloth and are kept in a dry place. 


Store Your Goggles Properly


After all your hard work, you wouldn't want to waste all this time by putting your goggles in an unclean and germ-ridden place. Otherwise, you'll be back to square one. What’s worse is that you’ll be putting yourself at risk of an eye infection and be left wondering, “How on earth did that happen?”.


So keep those goggles clean and ready for your next personal record!


Read The Manual, Always.


women adjusting her swimming goggles

While these methods will help you take care of your swimming goggles, there’s nothing better than following the good old manual. Let’s be honest, nobody knows a product better than its manufacturer. They know what chemicals and materials have been used to create your swimming goggles and how they can be maintained. 


Almost all banded swimming goggles come with a user’s manual that gives you the basic information about the product as well as how it must be kept. Simply follow the steps in your goggles instruction manual and clean your pair accordingly. In case you’ve lost this piece of paper, you can always head to their website or contact customer service for an additional one. 


Clear Vision Strategy


Don't get mad if we say that even after you followed all the above-mentioned steps, there is still a possibility for some kind of fogging on your goggles. Hear us out, we're only helping you by providing all kinds of possibilities, including this one. 


Rather than scrubbing or putting anything on the lenses, it is advised that you use a lint-free cloth to clean and absorb all the moisture from the glasses. This way you can effectively clean the lens while protecting the anti-fog coating. 


Regular Inspection 


Similar to any other sports equipment, swimming goggles also need regular inspection so that if there is any fault detected, you can prevent any potential damage and achieve immediate solutions. It is recommended that you keep an eye on the damage signs of wear and tear, like the frying straps or cracked nose bridges. 


These are small and delicate parts of your swimming goggles and you should make sure that special attention is given to these parts. 


Troubleshoot Common Problems 


Even after giving proper care and attention to prevent any damage to your goggles, it becomes inevitable that your goggles can experience various issues, ranging from annoying leaks to stubborn fogging to strap adjustments. But for such common recurring problems, there’s always a solution available.


In the above-mentioned step-by-step goggle repair method, you can easily fix such common issues and make your swimming experience pleasurable all the time.


Although we suggest you incorporate certain damage-control techniques, it’s sometimes better to replace your goggles with new ones. It's not feasible to give the time, energy, and money for a recurring problem; a new set of swimming goggles is just the right thing you need. 




Your swimming goggles are a window to your water sports activities, the better your window is, the better your performance will be. Therefore, it is a must for you to incorporate some solid strategies to maintain and inspect your goggles on a timely basis. Save this special guide on how to clean swimming goggles as a life hack. 


Whether you are a parent, ensuring your child's optimal performance or a leisure swimmer looking to maximize your pool time, Sporteyes has solutions for everyone, offering a wide range of both prescription and non-prescription-based swimming goggles. 

28 Mar 2024

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