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How To Pick The Right Sports Glasses Frames for Your Face Shape

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Choosing the right sports glasses is not an easy task. While quality of protection is the top consideration, you still want sports eyewear that looks good and fits you well.


However, face shape is vital in determining which type of glasses are suitable for you. How often have glasses looked attractive on the display, but as soon as you've put them on, you dislike how they look? Exactly.


Long story short, you can’t play Russian roulette while choosing your pair of sports glasses. If you can customize lenses to fit your vision perfectly, the frames should be of equal priority. Keep reading this blog to know what frame would be the best fit for your face based on its shape. 


Does The Right Eyewear Frame Matter in Sports?

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When you are talking about sports eyewear, everything rests on two pillars; clear vision and comfortable fit. Having a wide, wrap-around lens will give you clear vision in all directions. But when you come to the latter, choosing any random frame means risking an uncomfortable fit that is either too loose, too tight, or simply not sitting right.


It's crucial to wear sports eyewear that complements your face shape for both physical and psychological benefits. Choosing stylish eye frames that fit well not only enhances your appearance but also boosts comfort and confidence. Many athletes find that wearing trendy eyewear provides an additional motivation to push themselves harder in their favorite sports.


When you select an eyewear, you’ve got to choose something that compliments your face shape and personality. In fact, the style of your glasses has a psychological impact too. For example, snug-fitting stylish eye frames that aesthetically improve your appearance will make you feel more comfortable and confident; whereas wearing cool eyewear gives many sportspeople the extra jolt to push harder at their favorite pursuit. 


Keep in mind that safety comes first, so after comparing glasses to your face shape or size, you must ensure that glasses are safe and provide protection from UV, debris, or sunlight.


A Sight for Sport Eyes offers the latest range of sports eyewear to hit the market, no matter the sport, and is passionate about providing glasses and goggles that you feel proud to wear. Also, you can try out our eyewear to ensure they have the right look, style, and fit for you.


Determining Your Face Shape


 In the end, it depends on the shape of your face and where the frames of your eyewear will sit. Sports eyewear is not a “one size fits all”. The first step to choosing the right frames for yourself is understanding what the shape of your face is. Once that is done, you can easily narrow down your choices, ensuring a perfect fit. 


To determine which frame suits you best, look directly into the mirror with your hair pulled back and/or clear from your face. Look closely at the contours of your head and face to get an idea of your shape. 


Oval face shape


Notable for having higher and slightly wider cheekbones, this shape provides the most accurate and balanced proportions. Hence, it is considered ideal for choosing a variety of sports glasses. Choose sports frames wider than the broadest part of your face to maintain the natural balance of the oval face shape. An excellent choice for the oval-shaped face is walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or narrow.


Heart-shaped face


A heart-shaped face has a narrow bottom and a wide top. In such cases, select frames that are wider at the bottom, which minimizes the apparent width of the top of the face. Light-colored and thin frames are an excellent choice for you.


Square face shape


Square face shape: The square face shape has almost the same proportions- a broad forehead and a strong jaw, and the length and width of the face are almost the same. The most suitable frames are those with more width than depth and narrow ovals.


Round face shape


The round face has a short and wider forehead, curved lines, a rounded chin, full cheeks, and a softer jawline. Angular narrow and round frames would be the best for such a face type. However, choose frames that complement your soft features.


Rectangle faces


Rectangular faces generally have a longer nose, a stronger jaw, a deeper forehead, and a stronger jawline. Square-shaped glasses with a strong brow line are most suitable for this face. 


Base-down triangle


A base-down triangle face shape has a broad chin and cheek area with a narrow forehead. The need is to emphasize the narrow upper part of the face. Hence, choose frames that are heavily accented with color to increase the width of the face. 


Types of Sports Eyewear Frames Based on Your Face Shape

 Glasses Frames Hanging on a Clothes Hanger

Now that you have figured out the shape of your face, you can refine your choices to these four types of frames that are suitable for different faces. 


  • Curved Sports Glasses: If you have a round or oval-shaped face, these glasses are your best. They are versatile and can complement various face shapes. The curved design often suits round and oval faces, providing a sleek and sporty look while offering ample coverage to shield the eyes.


  • Sports Glasses with Wrap-around Straps: Perfect for fast-paced sports, these glasses include straps that keep them securely in place on your face. They're great for round faces or faces with sharp jawlines, providing stability and preventing slippage during intense activities.


  • Sports Glasses with Inner Clips: These nifty glasses offer flexibility for different face shapes. By allowing interchangeable lenses or additional clips, they adapt to various sporting needs and face contours. They're fantastic for those with square faces, as the adjustable features can enhance both style and functionality.


  • Prescription Spectacles with Deep Wrap: Tailored for those needing prescription glasses during sports, these deep wrap frames cater to various face shapes. They're excellent for rectangular faces or faces with angular features, providing the necessary prescription while ensuring a secure fit and enhanced peripheral vision.


Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing a Frame For Your Eyewear

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Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, it is time to look at other features of the eyewear frames to ensure that they give you a snug fit. Keep the following tips in mind while choosing a frame based on the shape of your face. 


  • The frame must be secure, pleasant, and comfortable to wear by the shape of your face.


  • A soft nose bridge is essential.


  • Earpieces should match the sport and be adjustable. It enables you to get the best fit and grip for your face. Therefore, when your earpieces fall out of alignment, you don’t have to take them to an optical shop. These are best for most ball sports and jogging. For cycling and skating, straight earpieces are suggested as they easily fit under a helmet.


  • Temples should also have non-slip rubber that grips the head when you sweat.


  • An elastic sports band at the back of the head provides maximum protection for a better fit.


  • Always choose impact-resistant polycarbonate or Trivex lenses.


  • Select anti-fog and anti-glare lenses, which protect during outdoor sports and UV blocking.


  • Regular glasses do not provide effective results for sports, motion, and athletic activities. Regular glasses are not meant for these purposes. Special sports glasses are necessary for such purposes that offer protection and ease of wearing with a better focus on the activity. Moreover, they increase your performance and comfort level.


Get Frames That Fit Like Second Skin


Whether it is curved sunglasses, straps that wrap around, frames with inner clips, or prescription spectacles with deep wraps, there's a perfect sports eyewear match waiting for you. The goal? Not just to protect your eyes but also to amplify your performance and confidence in the game. Now, who's ready to take on the field, court, or track in style? 


The best part is that you are one click away from choosing the right frame for your face, that will fit you like a second skin. Trust us, you won’t even know it is there (yup, our frames are THAT comfortable). SportEyes boasts a wide range of frames, and you will find a pair you’ll fall in love with! 

15 Feb 2024

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