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Why Do Healthcare Workers Need Prescription Safety Eyewear

Healthcare Workers with Safety Eyewear

Let’s go back to the days of dissecting human cadavers in medical school. The chances of you getting infected were negligible but professors would still insist on you wearing protective shields. Nostalgic, right?


Long gone are those days. You still don masks and gloves to ensure the well-being of your patients. However, when you operate on them, who will protect you from the body fluids that may enter your eye and infect you?


Many of you might own a pair of safety eyewear but let’s be honest, how many times have you worn them? It is imperative for you to understand that your health and safety matter just as much as your patient’s. 


In this blog, we’ll be discussing why safety eyewear is important for healthcare workers and why people avoid wearing them. Additionally, we’ll also help you narrow down your choices by giving you a list of the best protective eyewear for you.


The What, Who & Why of Medical Safety Goggles 


Healthcare Workers wearing goggles

Thinking of what exactly medical safety goggles are? The name pretty much defines itself. Medical safety glasses ensure that your eyes remain protected from biological liquids, particles, or chemicals commonly present in a clinical environment. 


Now, if you are thinking of wearing your prescribed glasses to the OT instead, you are wrong. Just wearing a pair of glasses won’t make a difference. Safety glasses are designed differently to ensure that the area around your eye is completely protected and enclosed. Worried about how you’ll layer your prescribed glasses over a pair of safety goggles? Just opt for a prescription-integrated option! 


So, who needs medical safety goggles, and why? Whether you work in radiation, are a nurse, or a surgeon saving lives; you are exposed to various situations that may damage your eyes. 


  • Safety Goggles for Paramedics: If you work as a paramedic, wearing protective eyewear will protect your eyes from debris and particles you may encounter in emergency evacuations. If these particles get inside the eyes, they can damage the cornea and cause serious eye injuries. 


  • Safety Goggles for Lab Technicians: MLTs usually work in a lab with chemicals. So, the chances of accidental spillage or splashing of chemicals entering your eye are high. Therefore, skipping out on wearing protective eyewear is a straight no.


  • Safety Goggles for Radiologists: Radiologists are always at an exposure risk. It’s no surprise that you wear aprons, thyroid shields, gloves, etc. to protect yourself. What about your eyes? Long exposure to radiation may lead to conjunctiva or even cataracts. Save your eyes from radiation exposure risk by wearing safety eyewear. 


  • Safety Goggles for Nurses and Doctors: Whether you are on routine rounds or in an operation theater, you are at an equal risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. While gloves and masks save you from skin contact and respiratory invasions, your eyes may still give way to some (Covid-19 taught us well). Wearing a pair of medical-grade safety goggles will keep you and your patients protected. 


Are Medical Safety Goggles Better Than Disposable PPE Eyewear?


Safety Goggles & Mask

While you probably don’t own a pair of medical safety goggles (yet), you’ve worn PPE eyewear a dozen times. However, are they really that helpful? From having low-grade lenses that distort not having prescription adjustability, there are many reasons why the latter isn't a good option. If you’ve been thinking of making a switch, here are some reasons that will strengthen your decision.


Prescription Power Availability:


The biggest issue that most healthcare workers face with PPE glasses is the unavailability of prescription options. So, they have to layer their regular eyewear under the PPE which may cause fogging or scratching. On the other hand, prescription safety glasses for healthcare workers have no prescription limitations. Therefore, they have better optical quality too. So, you can see clearly, while being protected. 


No More Scratches on Your Eyewear:


In case you’d rather layer your safety goggles over your regular eyewear, you don’t have to worry about scratches anymore. Usually, the rubbing of disposable PPE goggles over the glasses can easily and permanently scratch your everyday eyewear. However, our safety goggles are designed to create a gap between both layers to avoid scratches.


No More Guilt About Being Wasteful: 


The best thing about investing in this practice is that you can play your part in saving nature. You can clean and disinfect your prescription safety eyewear (with proper cleaning solutions). While tossing disposable PPE has its safety advantages, it is also creating a bunch of plastic waste for the planet. Prescription safety glasses, on the other hand, are reusable. You just have to disinfect and clean them, and voilà! They are ready for another use.


Ill-Fitted Safety Goggles? No More! : 


The biggest complaint we hear about disposable goggles is that they are either too tight or loose. Adjusting them over and over can be a pain too. If you are following recommended CDC guidelines, if you touch your eyewear, you have to clean it immediately. Prescription safety eyewear has a custom fit. They also come with an optional adjustable head strap to prevent them from slipping down.


May be covered under insurance: 


Prescription safety eyewear is often covered by eyecare insurance. Or if you have an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account) dollars, you can also use them for safety eyewear as well.


Looking for a perfect pair of safety goggles? Find them here.


We understand that as healthcare professionals, your schedule is packed. Sitting down to find a pair of safety glasses would be a headache. With so many options around, it can get confusing to choose the right one. 


Let’s ease down your work, shall we? We’ve compiled a list of the best medical safety goggles preferred by healthcare workers around the world. Feel free to go through our recommendations for you. 


Hilco OG-225S Safety Glasses


Hilco OG-225S Safety Glasses

Available in three different sizes, you can customize these goggles to be built with or without the "dust dam" (rubber seal). The adjustable earpieces with optional head straps will help keep them on tight. These Hilco safety goggles meet ANSI Z87.1, and CSA Z94.3 industry standards to ensure you remain protected and secure. 


 Hilco OG-800 Safety Goggles


Hilco OG-800 Safety Goggles

If you are looking for an option with prescription options, check out these safety goggles. Fit with a prescription adapter, they don't require special edging or testing that regular safety glasses may require. This means we can make them very quickly, usually about 2-3 days with most prescriptions. Equipped with an adjustable strap and rubber seal, these safety goggles will give you a comfortable fit.


Hilco OG-US120S/FS Safety Glasses


 Hilco OG-US120S/FS Safety Glasses

If you are looking for something made in America, here’s an option for you. Sourced and made in the United States, these safety glasses may be customized with or without a rubber seal. With prescription integration, these safety glasses ensure comfort and clarity in all situations.


Looking for more options? Check out our safety eyewear page.


Stay Protected While You Save Lives


Your safety is just as important as your patient’s. So, feel free to battle situations and give top-notch care to your patients while we take care of your eyes. Take a look at the best combination of protection, and style from Sporteyes. Protect your eyes with the best medical safety glasses. 

28 Mar 2024

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