COVID-19 has us scrambling for PPE for healthcare workers. While disposable goggles are an option to wear over eyeglasses, another option is to get protective eyewear with your prescription built directly into them. Our safety eyewear with prescription have optional rubber seals to keep out splash but also vented to allow airflow to prevent fogging.

There are several advantages to prescription safety glasses over regular disposable PPE eyewear.

Optical Quality: First, prescription glasses have the best possible optics. Disposable eyewear have low grade lenses (thus disposable) which can distort vision and cause headaches long term. Prescription safety eyewear has the same optical clarity you are used to in your every day glasses.

Scratching: Disposable fit over PPE can also scratch your regular eyeglasses. Unless you have high quality scratch coatings on your regular everyday eyeglasses, the rubbing of the goggles over the glasses can easily and permanently scratch your everyday eyewear. Usually, your everyday glasses are far more expensive to replace than getting prescription protective eyewear.

Resusable. You can clean and disinfect your prescription safety eyewear (with proper cleaning solutions). While tossing disposable PPE has its safety advantages, it is also creating a bunch of plastic waste for the planet. Using prescription safety glasses are better for our environment long term.

Better Fit: The biggest complaint we hear about over the glasses goggles is that they fall down. If you are following recommended CDC guidelines, if you touch your eyewear, you have to immediately clean them . Prescription safety eyewear can have adjustable temples for a custom fit or be fit with an optional adjustable head strap to prevent them from slipping down.

May be covered under insurance: Prescription safety eyewear is often covered by eyecare insurance. Or if you have a FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account) dollars, you can also use them for safety eyewear as well.

Here are some of our most popular options.


Available in three different sizes, with or without the "dust dam" (rubber seal) Adjustable earpieces with optional head strap to keep them on tight. Meets ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3 industry standards


Fit with a prescription adapter, the advantage of these is that they don't require special edging or testing that the regular safety glasses may require. This means we can make them very quickly, usually about 2-3 days with most prescriptions (no coatings). Equipped with an adjustable strap and rubber seal, these safety goggles are also great for those with high prescriptions to minimize lens size and weight.


For those looking for something made in America, these safety glasses with or without a rubber seal are made and sourced completely in the USA.

Looking for more options? Check out our safety eyewear page.