Prescription sports goggles or glasses are designed to be worn during sports activity. They are prescription glasses built for sports. Prescription sports goggles are used in many sports, such as, football, baseball, swimming, golf, cycling, and the list goes on. There are many benefits to wearing prescription sports goggles during sports activities. Here are 4 benefits to wearing prescription sports goggles:

Leader jam'n sports goggles in black
Hilco Jam'n ASTM Rated Sports Goggles
  • Enhanced Vision

There’s so much going on when playing sports and your performance depends on your eye reflexes. If your vision isn’t clear, this will get in the way of how fast your eye reflexes will respond. If you don’t have clear vision and require an eye prescription to see clearer, then prescription sports glasses will enhance your sports performance. Not only are they prescribed but the quality of vision is typically higher than regular eyeglasses. Also, prescription sports glasses can be designed to protect your eyes from the sun and any glares. If the sun or glare is in the way from catching a ball, no need to worry, prescription sports glasses will have your back. To perform better and faster, enhanced vision is a must to get there. 

  • Eye Safety

Prescription sports glasses are designed to protect your eyes from any physical contact or flying balls from sports activities. The lenses are generally made from polycarbonate, a durable and impact resistant material. For instance, in football, if you require an eye prescription to see clearer, and you are wearing non-sports glasses, the glasses are not designed to be worn with a football helmet and may get damaged and ruin your eyes if a football hits your helmet. Football prescription sports glasses are designed to be more sturdy and worn with a helmet. Most come with an optional helmet strap and earpieces for a better fit with your helmet.

  • Covid-19 Protection

According to Dr. Fauci, eyewear should be worn as the eyes are a way Covid-19 can get in the body. With the safety rating, wrapped coverage, sports goggles can double as personal protective equipment.

  • Lightweight Design

Prescription sports glasses are built with lightweight materials that provide grip and all day comfort to your eyes. The frames are typically designed larger and wider, so if they come into any type of sports contact, the impact is not as near to the eye. They are also designed to stay on your face when running or moving rapidly.

Hilco Pro Sport Glasses in Black/Flash Mirror
Hilco Leader Pro-Sports Glasses

These 4 benefits will enhance your sports performance and keep your eyes protected. Overall prescription sports goggles are eyewear that are made with durable materials and higher quality vision for the playing field.